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Hey everyone! As we're finally settling in with all the changes regarding OCD and OCDB since the hardfork and most things are flowing nicely now it is time to get back to onboarding!

It is difficult to be on Steem as a content creator and receive curation for your work when you have never heard of it! That's why we need users like you who know Steem and can explain to content creators from everywhere on the internet why they should join it and all the benefits of having their content stored on a blockchain.

If you've ever felt like "I would invite people to Steem but I can't support them with my stake yet" or "I've invited people to Steem but they left shortly because they got no traction or attention" then we have the solution for you. We have an onboarding programme set up and all we need is people inviting content creators of all kinds to Steem.

We offer them account creation, guidance, targeted curation and also a slider delegation until they reach 500+ SP on their own! If you want to know more about some of the details then please check out this post so I don't have to repeat myself here. If you fill most of the requirements and would be interested in some extra rewards for onboarding content creators than this is the right community for you!

I'm trying to keep this post as short as possible so for more questions please jump into our discord and feel free to ask there.

We already ran a trial run and out of 18 attempts to onboard content creators we successfully got 6 to post and many of them are still active today and don't understand why not more people are on here. :)

Especially now that we're seeing a lot more curation we think this is the right time to focus on scaling up the onboarding and not just wait for communities or SMT's or easier ways to create accounts. We have over 40k claimed accounts waiting to be put to good use and a good easy to learn system within our discord to make sure there is no abuse and to guide onboarders to be better at it.

While we're waiting for some great tools such as steemtipper.com that will make onboarding a lot easier and smooth we can always put in some hard work to do things in a more manual way in the meantime. :)

Come join our growing community that will attempt to cover as much ground as possible to grow the Steem userbase and more importantly keep them using it and seeing the benefits it brings to each and every one, welcome to the OCD Discord server


This comment will likely not get read, but here goes anyway.

Before onboarding you need to get steem listed on more exchanges. Exchanges are moving to being country specific (as in only residents can join), so no point onboarding people if they can't buy steem easily.

For example why is bitpanda advertising across the top of steemit but they don't list steem on their exchange?

Stuff like that needs to be sorted out before you start trying to pull in new users.stnoa

I don't necessarily agree with that, for sure it is difficult for regular users to purchase steem right now but getting a steem account and finding out how it works and what it does, even if you lose interest for some time and go inactive you'll have your account created and the keys hopefully stored since it warns you many times about their importance. So once steem is back making headlines and hopefully easier to purchase and still somewhat cheap which helps distribution those users will be returning and already have some knowledge of our blockchain.

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I’ve just got my good friend @chrisinphuket finally on Steem. He’s a bit overwhelmed by the learning curve just like I was. I wish I could support him more, I think I delegated 15 SP. He’s posted once already, but forgot to do an #introduceyourself post, which I’m now encouraging him to do.

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@acidyo we are running STEEM India community and onboarding new members, helping them to learn and thrive here. We are leasing the steem power to curate the new members posts with tag 'india' for first few days to understand and gain some SP. But it's been difficult to spend the steem for lease.

I hope you check the project and help with some SP which will directly used to encourage new joinees from India.

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Have you been in contact with @firepower? I know he supports a lot of indian users and would maybe be interested!

Nope, I know he helps and curates the content but didn't responded to any of the requests yet. He might been very busy.

@steemindian I have received several requests for delegation from tons of users which over time seemed spammy as not one person approached me with a basic plan of action that's worth a real consideration or my time. Hence, I stopped looking at these requests and do things my way.

Sorry for pulling you in to this unexpectedly.

Thank you very much for responding. I completely understand what you said and also seen you have been already curating content daily with india tag. Very much appreciate that.

As said above , if you have time please check out the project and consider it to spread a help when you have time. We are onboarding newbies, help them to use dtube, Appics, usage of tags, tribes & steem engine. Also guiding how to buy or sell steem with INR easily.

Tips for get more audience for their content and also planning for few contests. You can follow the project, witness the work and decide.

We can discuss on discord or telegram any time .

Link ; https://discord.gg/dS82g5F

Thank you once again.

Wow! I didn't know about this great project @acidyo! I would love to join OCD team guiding new users and promoting Steem Blockchain.

I would like to contribute with my experience as a user and curator, I believe on Steem and I am quite positive projects like this will add a lot of positive things to our blockchain. Thank you!

I would love being on board!

Contact us on discord for more info for an onboarding position!

There is a lot to do at this particular spot and I'll try to do my part.

I created a respond Video on this very topic:


Will also have to watch this tomorrow. ^^

still very good to read :))

Verry good the finally settling OCD and OCDB

I replied in this post, hope it's okay there. I hope I can be accepted

Excited to see someone talk about onboarding! :)

then you'll find me VERY exciting all year long

Yup. This is Wonderful. I've been doing that. Like you said. No enough SP to support the newbies I'm onboarding

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A dedicated team for the steem:)

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Hello sir @acidyo to be honest i wasn't aware of the onboarding part so want to apply for it now.

I am good at English as well as with a experience of over 1 year i know most of the things regarding steem and can share my knowledge with many others.

Even i have a crypto centric followers on my Twitter account and it is also quite an active one.

For my past work i have brought so many new steemins on this platform through many onboarding contest and they all had worked for a minimum of 2 months and many are still working and yes many of them do left due to the less support they got on there post.

Still i am very confident now that as the curation is taking place on a large scale this onboarding thing will do wonders and ill love to be the part of it.

Thanks sir looking forward for your reply.

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Contact us on discord for a position!

Thanks @acidyo for this great initiative , me too i've been there over 2 year i know most of the things regarding steem and i have brought so many new steemins on this platform via @teammorocco . Many are still working and yes many of them do left due to the less support they got on there post.
Ill love to be the part of this onboarding and thanks again to ocd-team .

This is exactly what we need here . It’s always chicken and egg with produces wanting an audience first but the place is such a more friendly environment for content produces then it was a year ago. Well apart from price ;-)

Cool! I'll look into this later!

I will start some onboarding from my place, and will need your help for the accounts set up.

Yes. That what we are talking about. Thanks for this great initiative. I have one old boy Steemian brother. He ran away for several months and I tried my best to to bring him back but Hell No. @williams-owb. You can reach him too.

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@acidyo, Now is the best time to see real numbers on Steem Blockchain because so much exciting aspects are happening here. I am really excited to travel this journey. Keep up the good work and keep coming up with effective Opportunities. Stay blessed.

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Great initiative, will try to find some new humans who wish to partake

I just onboarded @williams-owb back to STEEM after several months

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