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Steemit! This is the first chance I’ve had to post in a few days. What’s on my mind? Communities! Communities have been an absolute revolution and it’s alarming how fast they’re release is changing Steemit […for the better]. Not just because of how efficiently we’re all organizing the platform and it’s users, but for me at least, one of the biggest deals is visibility! I’m seeing so many new creators and artists, and I’m thrilled to throw as many votes as my voting power will allow. I thought I’d do a brief carousel of the Communities I created during the beta.

Photography Community

Naturally, this one is near and dear to my heart. It’s by far, the most amount of work I’ve shared on the STEEM blockchain. For the last 20 years I’ve been shooting and developing a subgenera of pinup, called dark pinup. I’ve got a lot to say on the subject, but apparently, so do 500 other Steemians. I can’t believe how it’s exploded! Happy to have you all! No style, genre or medium. If it’s still imagery, it’s welcome here.

 This specific Community has grown so fast, I’m looking for volunteers to help moderate. If you’re interested, please leave a comment or hit me up on Discord at Kommienezuspadt#6545

Comics Community

Also close to my heart, this Community was created as a space for comic artists and illustrators, readers, enthusiasts and aficionados. Very casual, and includes all walks of comic pop-culture, even if it’s MCU/DCU films. Let’s just be hedonistic nerds and indulge.

Magic: The Gathering Community

Not much to say about this. It’s Magic: The Gathering. It may only apply to less than 1% of the Steemit platform, but @slobberchops, @tarotbyfergus, @vermillionfox and myself will be there.

Trial by Comics Community

This may be before your time, but I used to host a comics contest called Trial by Comics. The contest’s hay-day was during the bear market of 2018. It’s more or less a comics Community, but when the contest does return, and it will, you’ll want to be indoctrinated in our cult.

OnChainArt Community

Not my Community, but @midlet started this initiative to help artists on Steemit earn more for their posts. He’s worked out strong partnerships with OCD and OCA is becoming one of the best Communities for artists on Steemit. I’m a moderator there, and I’ll be helping curated and vote on posts within OnChainArt. You can join our Discord server and introduce yourself as well.


Hi Lars, I am glad to read your writing again after a few days of your vacuum. I think the community formed in Steemite will be very good for the development of Steem. And that will help small stemians to develop. I think it's great that you become a moderator in a community. enjoy your day, sir.

The introduction of communities in this blockchain has brought more focus and concentration of interest with like minded fellows. It's more like a resolution.
I love that first shot of your of a lady in a small car with red lips.

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@kommienezuspadt, In my opinion definitely Communities are redesigning Steem Blockchain. Most important points are Next Level Content Discovery, User 👤 Engagement and User 👤 Retention. Good wishes from my side towards your Community. Stay blessed.

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I was wondering when you were gonna spring the MTG community into some action. I may do a MTG post soon, it's been a while..

my friend's fire.
You have spent full time with the family really fun.
Honestly, seeing the comic sketch drawings, I can't wait to read it.
does it tell a mystical story?

it's a really good change of steemot, i also like the new communities space... nice pic beautiful lips :D

Yes, I think the changes to steemit, Tron, communities, have marked a bottom in the steem price and things are on the up and up in every way. Great photos and glad you are reaching more people with your post now than ever. I too feel like I'm reaching a bigger audience as well. Keep up the great work!

Great to see you in Communities, Lars - and I had joined OCA, but now that I see your post, particularly glad for Magic: The Gathering where once I won with my drawing Emrakul - I shall head right over there and join; at one time or another I may have something that fits!

Hello friend, greetings I miss your comic book contests a lot, I would love to know what happened to you that I have not done more.

Yay! I got time to upvote on your post before the time cutoff! I see we both been MIA <3 Hope you're well :)

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