Traditional one-year-old ceremony in China.

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In China. when a boy is one year old. Their parents will hold a ceremony for their boy.

They will put their boy on the table or ground. Then they will put some items on the table or ground in front of the boy. Each items will be with symbolic meaning.
Those things include the following items with symbolic meanings normally:

gold or coin---------------It means the baby will be wealthy like J.P.Morganin future.
brush pen and inkstone--It means the baby will be good at learning in future.
food or toy----------------It means the baby will be with good heavy food in future.
abacus--------------------It means the baby will be an bussinessman in future.
stone seal-----------------It means the baby will be a governor in future.
books---------------------It means the baby will become a literary giant like Shakespeare.

By now, The people will also put new and different items like calculator,car,instrument,etc.They represent the auspicious wishes of the parents.

But now, many of traditional ceremonies are dying out. If we don't protect them well.It will be vanished very soon. It doesn't just mean a ceremony but it also delegate a traditional culture.

Let us start to do something from now on......

chinese traditional age ceremony.jpg

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