I would love to be your "player" and take your Max Deck thru all the high rolling tournaments and season rewards. But I got the same problem as you, a leck of time and energy. I grinded my own Account up into Champions league and I know how hard it is when you are playing against higher decks than yours.
If I would be "new" to Steemmonsters and I enjoyed the gameplay so far I would definitly take this chance to play the maxed Deck. But yeah, I already exhausted myself financially and time wise with Steemmonsters.
I probably won't keep up the same amount of time and energy to stay on top with every season and since my Deck is almost maxed out as well. I probably would look also for somebody to play my Deck.
I'm curious how the delegation market will develop and if there is demand for our Decks.
Good luck and fun everybody!

I got quite some discord reactions already, another interesting evolution in the game for sure. I really adore the game i must say, it will be hard to let go but i truly must, i am an all or nothing guy and i have 2 older children that want to study, i have to work, karma yoga time :-)
Thanks for dropping by!

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I think I could be a good candidate to work with you. We'd have to agree on a split, but I've got a pretty good track record of dominating the competition until the new legendary summoners costed me out of relevance. I spend my time helping out in several STEEM based communities and doing odd an end jobs online and I've trained a few other successful tournament goers.

wow, that's great, i know you're a master of the game. Out of relevance is the perfect description for maxing out the new summoners but i already spent so much on the game that it was also a no-brainer to get them.

I definitely want to work with you, let's wait for the arrival of the feature and continue on discord or other pm. Would you be only interested in the new summoners or the whole deck?

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We can discuss it more on Discord, but my current plans are to hang on to my alpha cards and I have a few here and there that I never maxed, so I suppose for all intents and purposes I'd want to work out a deal for the full deck.

I was thinking the same thing - I don't have time to play a lot and wanted to delegate my deck. Good luck with finding a player - maybe I will try to find my own one soon as well.

Oh man, i must say i appreciate you can be one of the more creative players out there. The situation now is that we can't keep on having new cards and new game types, victory to the ones who keep track on everything and play a lot. I actually got only 1 candidate and he is a very young boy from India, don't know if i should do that, then i could also put my son in charge, he would be splendid but i want him to do some other stuff than playing at his age :-)
Well, i lost my number 1 position now, i will not quit before i win a season :-)

@glory7, if you ever decide to do so, could you please let me know? Haven't heard from jrvacation yet, so I'm back on looking for a way to test the limits of my skills instead of the limits of my deck :0)

Hello, I've sold/given some of the cards so I do not have a complete set of deck copy. Still, if there are some specific cards you would like to use, let me know.

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Resteemed for more visibility. The link has also been dropped in our Team Possible Discord channel. I would definitely take you up on this if @jrvacation had not beaten you to it. :0)
I will be playing his maxed deck.
For a player like me, the card delegation feature is a door to new SM worlds. I've already spent more than I initially planned, and my highest level deck (@monstermother) is only gold league. Right now - 4 days to go in the season - I'm completely stuck in Diamond 1. All those maxed decks... sigh! ;0)

I'm pretty sure you'll find someone to play.

Thanks for the resteem! What is Team possible? Is it SM dedicated?

Yep. It's a small group of SM players. TP was set up by @davemccoy and @cryptkeepr17 - we're just a happy bunch of players chatting away on Discord and sharing some tips and ideas.

Hahahaha, I just checked your profile, trying to find confirmation of what I thought. You're Belgian indeed... lol

Bubke is zo'n typisch Vlaamse afkorting....

I might be interested in playing a max level deck for you or someone else depending on the terms. I do have some maxed level cards myself but not enough to be competitive at the highest levels. I have an extra account which I could use for such a delegation. All play on it would be using the delegated cards so all profits won would be easily tracked.

Yes, i was also thinking in that direction, a 3rd kind of 'neutral' account is easier to follow up. I am a bit pissed now as i lost my 1st position, the end of the season is always harsh, suddenly all these fully maxed out decks appear out of nowhere and play very, very good :-)

Let's wait for the delegation news/feature and take it from there...

Yeah, everyone at all levels are trying for that little extra push at the end of the season.

Good luck with regaining the 1st position.

Never play the game, so can't help you out there... Good to see you here though! Good luck with this my friend, I hope you'll make a killing 😊😉

Very happy to hear that, you just keep producing nice posts, no games, that's an order :-)

Lol!... Yes Sir! Right away Sir! 😊 😋

Wish I could help, my friend, but I'm battling my own Drugwars addiction...
However, the offer is so good I'm sure you'll find help.

Ha, the word drugs kept me away from that game, self knowledge :-)

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If you find one I have a bunch of cards too and I'm not playing.

What's a bunch? :-) It will be easy to find people, that's why it is such a game changer, you can be passive investor now. Did you buy +500 packs?

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I have over 2k cards. My username is the same as here on steemit.

Good luck finding a talented player - Resteeming this for some publicity ;)

Ha, thanks, always appreciated!

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You are beast at this game. Keep up the winning :)

Jey @bubke
This is a long shot, because the post is already 2 weeks old, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Did you find someone yet?

Haven't heard back from jrvacation yet, so I'm assuming the deal won't go through. So I'm still looking for a chance to test the limits of my skills instead of the limits of my deck.

I do hope you realize that having someone else to play your deck will probably make you lose your current ranking. It takes some time to get adjusted to new cards and new abilities, not to mention the new player will need to reconsider every single strategy he's using, because the gameplay is totally different when playing a level 6 deck than playing a higher leveled deck...

it is difficult to let go of an addiction :-) I let somebody else play for a few days and that didn't work out, i am playing myself again for now trying to stay top 10 with the least amount of time. i will finish this season off myself and then see, clayboy would be my preferred candidate if i delegate. much love.

I understand. Clayboyn is a great player (one of the few I have only been able to beat in one battle, lol) and he is used to playing higher level cards.

That's why I added that remark to my previous comment. I'm used to playing level 6 (rare summoner), level 5 (epic summoner). I've been doing some research and got confronted with the fact that the strength of the cards differs when played at maxed level. This means I would have to change all the strategies I've been tweaking for weeks to get them to work, lol.

I wouldn't mind, it is a challenge of which I once hope to get the chance to do it. But I realized quite quickly that there was no way that you guys could keep your spot in the top 5 or 20 or 50 if another person - who isn't used to playing at maxed level - would be playing your deck. I figured that would be an issue (which I completely understand - I would find it hard myself if I would be ranked that high and see the account drop in the rankings)
But you can't blame a girl for trying, right?! ;0)

Is there already the option of delegating cards or is this a personal test?

Hi, it is on testnet now, i expect it to be launched within 10 days

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that sounds awesome! Thanks fro the feedback

To tell you the truth, I have enough playing with @drugwars so I don't want even to test another game :-)

You should have started playing with SM instead of Drugwars because the gameplay and development of SM is far ahead of Drugwars.
This is a real competitive card game where you take ownership of your cards and proof yourself in Battles and get rewarded for it.
Steemmonsters is the gold standard for blockchain games here on Steem and probably a cross many plattforms.
Give it a try and get hooked like @bubke

I will...when I have the time 😉

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Same feeling but other way around :-)

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