Faces of #OneLoveDtube #8 - @d00k13

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The Idea behind the Faces of #OneLoveDTube is to allow each individual creative freedom while still collaborating on a group project, in this video we highlight a video by @d00k13 tells you a little about how #OneLoveDTube came to be. Have you been wondering what the purpose of our community is or how it started well watch the video to find out.


The Face @d00k13

  • @OneLoveDTube founder
  • Here to serve the community the best he can!
  • Does the majority of our trail maintenance and tries to organise community members into projects that fit their skill sets
  • Dog Lover, has a rescue from Mexico which he is very proud of his pooches rehabilitation
  • Likes conspiracies and questions that currently cannot be answered, things that make you go hmmm!

What does @d00k13 have in store for us?

Curation Script / Future Node / IPFS Node - d00k13 Digest #65

Join Us on #OneLoveDTube Discord



  1. Please keep it civil. No harassing of anyone will be tolerated.
  2. Please use the #video-promo and #blogs-promo to post your steemit or dtube links.
  3. DO NOT post your links in the CREATORS section unless the creator asks for one.
  4. Please TAG your Dtube videos with onelovedtube so others can see your videos.
  5. Please no asking for upvotes, delegation or roles.

Check #about in out discord for more information.

Few goals we have is to help each other:

  1. Develop/Grow
  2. Be encouraged/inspired
  3. Support one another through comments/upvotes
  4. Reach a collective SP of 100,000 and then 500,000 and then 1,000,000
    Have fun in the process!

Join Our Trail!!

Currently going through the process of restricting our Trailed Authors List to @Dtube priority but anyone is welcome to join and help support this community, new additions to our Trailed Authors List will be required to join the curation trail in the spirit of giving first.

  • Support the Authors you Love, encourage them to continue great content creation
  • Earn Curation Rewards by following the @OneLoveDTube curation trail https://steemauto.com/dash.php?trail=onelovedtube&i=1
  • Get in line for submission into our Trailed Authors List
  • Vote Weight is currently being fine tuned as with current growth adjustments are necessary

It helps the whole community

Video by @d00k13

We Will Get There Together

▶️ DTube

Congratulations @d00k13 great work... greetings from Venezuela.

Thanks my dear, greetings from Canada 🇨🇦 🤙

amazing conten creator dtuber star on trending

Yeah I am completely blown away, my very first post to make it onto D tube trending and on the community account nonetheless absolutely perfect!

@D00k13 I have to say this is one of the BEST videos you have made so far if not THE BEST ONE! Keep it going man.

Thanks man that means a lot as I did give it my best effort, it was a very sentimental piece. I was really trying to encapsulate a positive message behind the story and reinforce my reasons for being here plus what it means for the community. Thank you for the kind words.

Awww You love dog . your dog is so cute. I love dogs too I got 3 dogs 1 Frenchie 2 Chihuahua 😂. I love all dogs :P #Onelovedtube is a great name thanks to @dnews and you to create this # Your helmet is so glittering I like it 😀. Cool video 😎

While recording this video I realized how much I haven’t shared about myself yet, being a dog lover is just one of those things. I have had several dogs over the years all very well behaved and all of them had very distinctive personalities. I would have to say the Frenchy’s are one of my favourite dogs very cute but being a previous Chihuahua owner I am really not so fond of them, did you know that Chihuahuas have one of the best hearing of all domesticated dogs? They were bred for that specific purpose of being a guard dog/alarm dog thus the reason they always bark at any little noise outside the house. Long story short, when my father kicked me out of the house and amended I pay him rent for the last month I left him my Chihuahua. At first he did not appreciate it as he is never been a dog lover, but that little bugger grew on him. Long story short, when my father kicked me out of the house and insisted I pay him rent for the last month I left him my Chihuahua(I could bring with me where I was staying anyways). At first he did not appreciate it as he is never been a dog lover, but that little bugger grew on him and my father being a larger man found the ladies would flock to him while he was holding him. Now he owns a toy Yorkshyre terrier, just as yappy 😂 But you know what it suits him perfectly being a loud man himself.

Nice video BRO! :)

I am super stoked how it came out as well

All the best buddy we'll help as much as we can to make his dream which inspired you to your dream which inspired us to become our dream also become reality. We'll get this done man. That sounds a bit cheesy but sometimes things have to be said.

This is awesome man. I always love thinking about the genesis of #onelovedtube

I am so glad you approve, it can sometimes be hard for me to share my story of how we got here without touching in the realm of negativity. In all reality I have two people to thank for us coming together and in my own style this post was my way of doing it!

Thank you for sticking by me, for encouraging me, for guiding me, for uplifting me, and for giving me the kick in the bum when I needed it. I am not afraid to say it, I love you man we are brothers!

Congratulations friends... Very good. I like you work. Greetings for all.

Thank you for the kind words, greetings from Canada 🇨🇦

I know that it could be very hard at times to get visibility on your posts but there are better ways of doing it then spamming your links on other peoples work, I do not appreciate it and in future I will flag you !

Hi! This is jlk.news intelligent bot. I just upvoted your post based on my criteria for quality. Keep on writing nice posts on Steemit and follow me @jlkreiss to get premium world news updates round the clock! 🦄🦄🦄

That’s amazing thank you for the gold star of quality!

Hello friend ... very happy for the support of dtube in your publication and especially for the work of your person. May God continue to fill you with successes and blessings for the future. From Venezuela, your family will appreciate and congratulate you again @yusmi and @gaborockstar

One  Love Dtube.gif

@d00k13 Awesome video man, very highly edited. That part with the flashin x's and o's lol...that must have taken some time!

Good to know you approve 😉, I’d say this was by far my best video to date!

Actually it was fairly simple using my software Filmora, point click style but it’s very limiting on customization of effect and what not.

Over all I think I spend about 8 hrs putting it all together, not my longest but my recording is always a one take wonder so time was spent mostly on editing and prerendering to tweak the effects.

sweet post man, just noticing now the faces of onelovedtube section on the discord, I like this, and your post is really great. love that thumbnail, nailed it!

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