#OneLoveDTube Video Picks of the Day: June 23, 2018

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June 23, 2018


Daily News Letter

Top 7 From The Trail

Keep Posting, You're an Early Adaptor: Think Long-term Investment
By @alphasteem

「每日快报」Joy 播新闻 | 22/06/2018
By @joythewanderer

Selfie World - How to Raise Kids in Today's Selfish Environment [DTube Exclusive]
By @dnews

Grow Your Own Grapes!
By @fruitdaddy

Big Thank you to all my followers ! / I make a break for 3 days
By @tibfox

DTube visit to Churchill Museum in Fulton, MO
By @captainbob

Brasil Vs. Costa Rica - World Cup 2018
By @gasparcha

Check This Out!

Am I Keeping My Job? Decision Time 😶 | Vlog #145
By @kevinli

Top 7 From #OneLoveDTube

How Do Steemit Followers Compare to YouTube and Instagram Followers?
By @coruscate

The Daily D Episode 53 - POKEMON GO UPDATES - WILL IT MAKE YOU COME BACK? [D.Tube Exclusive]
By @originalmrspice

How To Create An Account Via BlockTrades 💻
By @scottcbusiness

WALK WITH ME - Plant Tour
By @princessmewmew

First guided meditation using HeadSpace app / Review - D00k13 Digest #74
By @d00k13

I Achieved 1000 Followers On Steemit! | THANK YOU GUYS!
By @veganroma

iTalent | Round 6 | Se Ela Perguntar
By @grayarty

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We had a few missed days so todays curation post is Top 7, what do you guys think of the new layout?
Any suggestions or feedback? It is greatly appreciated!

I was just about to say that I like the new layout more!

Glad to hear it... was a little bit of a pain in the ass to get everything to show up correctly for both busy and steemit while still making the links work, something to do with image links busy/mobile apps do not like and they break yet I have seen some how up just fine still trying to figure out the trick so we can have the image clickable for dtube from busy and steemit without all the garbage text around it then leaving a link to the steemit blog below.... I was hoping to make the dtube videos playable but that does not seem to be an option without some major effort in coding.

beware that a lot of code doesn't work on these posts.

Yea I am going to have to simplify the post even more.... atleast we figured out how to get the middle section featuring the authors to look normal on steemit and busy but the mobile apps still do not want to load the images which may not be fixable..... what I have noticed is that there are 2 separate markdown systems between the two and things posted from steemit will work in busy but when posting the same thing from busy the links are broken.... so my assumption is @busy.org just needs to fix their crap!

Appreciate the shoutout!

Good video man, good to see you back at it. I actually didn't know block trades had an account creating tool, that's much more handy then the steemconnect one.

Yeah eh, well it seems it's helping a lot of people so I shall push onwards :)

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