#OneLoveDTube Joins The 777 Family, Thank You For All The Support!!! How Can You Help?

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What up DTube family, I(@D00k13) awoke this morning to a comment from @NathanMars alerting me to @OneLoveDTube being included in the 777 Family! Such amazing news cannot go without a little recognition, I Thank You Nathan on behalf of the entire #OneLoveDTube community. Your doing great work supporting all of the creators on @DTube and the platform itself, we are proud to be apart of your 777 Family!

Do you like what we #OneLoveDTube are trying to do? Have you received support from us? There are 2 simple ways you can help contribute and both will also give back to the entire community and our creators!

  1. Join our curation trail, allow us to use your voting power to support creators while also earning curation rewards!
  2. Delegation, if you have some SP kicking around we are in search of contributions which are used to help support our creators while also supporting our community projects via self voting the community posts. All liquid rewards are used for funding our projects and SP will never be powered down.

#OneLoveDTube Free Use #Press-Kit

#OneLoveDTube Video Hosting Services

The IPFS Node Hosting Services and the IPFS Node Uploader are just two of the projects we have on the go to help support our DTube creators while also supporting DTube’s video file hosting network known as IPFS. With these two services you can upload despite what happens to the main nodes and your videos remain playable forever. Another benefit is quicker load times with multiple sources, IPFS works like torrents more nodes quicker streaming capabilities. If your interested please stop into our discord and speak with either @Techcoderx or @Graylan they are in charge of this project.

  • Watch The Video Here:

We have a web page started which is also the #OneLoveDTube uploader!

Join us on #OneLoveDtube Discord Server


Join The #OneLoveDTube Curation Trail, Earn Rewards!

We Will Get There Together!!!


▶️ DTube

Because simply @onelovedtube is doing awesome. The first community I knew when I joined dtube. All thanks to @vincy and @kawaiicrush and of course, you and @Graylan and @techcoderx ❤️👍👍👍

That’s awesome 😎 I am surprised by how many people say #OneLoveDTube was their first... can never forget the first of anything and that means a lot to me!

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We are humbled to have so many members who appreciate our efforts. Thank you @iamjadeline

congratulations @d00k13!!!! :DDD

you rock and one love rocks! :Pgiphy (3).gif

Love the dancing cake 😝

thanks for the support my dear your a miracle all of your own and don’t forget it! I’m sure mama don’t let you forget anyways 😅

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Congratulations @d00k13 you deserve to be #1 excellent work. 👍👍

That’s not just me but our entire community! Huge news for all of us going forward I imagine 💪

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Congratulations to @onelovedtube. A Great Addition and well deserved honor for real. I have supported @onelovedtube almost since the beginning of my journey here on the @steemit and @dtube platform. May all of you always be blessed and prosper on your journey. Much Love from your Brother in Life, @jeronimorubio. #snapcomment

And we have tried to support you the best we can in return, glad to have you as a part of our family my friend. With you involved the only option is to be blessed ☺️ thank you my friend!

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And you have Brother. I love @onelovedtube for all they do for everyone on the #steem-powered platforms. You guys and gals are truly a blessing and amazing. May you always be blessed.

Congrats my dear friend and I wish you to success from here

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Likewise may we all have the success we desire be attainable 🙏

Thanks for stopping in 👍

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Welcome @onelovedtube great adding it.i am also apart of a 777 family.thanks @d00k13 buddy

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Well consider this your welcoming to the family then, thank you so much for the support my friend!

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Thanks buddy always with you

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Great to see onelovedtube at top on the list,

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So great!

Thanks for stopping in.

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Many beautiful videos and many beautiful things have said that how we can get support from your community.

Sadly, I can not join your curation trial because I'm not a curation trial for you, but I can not join your curation, but if I'm delegation you can I get support from you?

Thank you for all the support my friend! Our community operates from a place of giving first, the idea started from myself trying to automate the process of giving support all the creators I loved. There are no guarantees of receiving support from us as we try to only promote the best quality content but should you create something inspirational that catches the eyes of our team you will definitely be supported!

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A beautiful revolution, in the end all are in the same umbrella, it's a beautiful concept to get rid of all the differences.


Very well said, thank you.

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,,, @nathanmars who made us survive, he is very big position for us,

,,, Two large communities support each other, this is a very positive result going forward ... I always mention @onelovedtube, almost all of my videos ... hopefully we help each other in terms of curation, thank you

Your support has been noticed and greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much for helping raise awareness of our project 🙏

Thanks for all attention ... Honestly, I contacted @nathanmars by hiring a spokesman to be able to speak directly, we had time to speak for 20 minutes, all my complaints were conveyed,
I do this for the sake of continuing to survive here, and I am very grateful that Nathan continues to guide us and all our members in Indonesia

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That is a really good idea, if anyone can help push you forward it’s Nathan for certain!

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Hhhh,,, no @d00k13 , more and more days all hopes are gone, I think it is very difficult to interact without forming a community that is classified as helping each other, just look at the developments, but I realize being here must be big steem power. This confides in you @d00k13

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Excellent and congrats !! We are f a m i I lyyyy ... trying to figure out everything I need to do to join him your project. I just joined dcooperation and had an interview! Looking forward to our growth together on dtube.


PS. I joined your discord group and it might be good to let everyone know that as soonas we enter we are given the info to pay $10 USD a month to be a part of and/or be a part of your program. LOL!

Thanks my friend... err... I mean sister... anyways it’s a little different with our community then others being started by myself with the principal of giving without expectation of receiving but we do try our hardest to reach as far as we can.

As for the paid subscription we are revising the system again it seems, the free service was previously offered to active community members but we do try push the paid subscription as without it we cannot keep operating sustainability. Need to get the update from the tech guys what direction they are heading now, the project rests in their capable hands.

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Wow, this is a great news and I say Welcome on board to dtubefamily777. One love.

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Thanks bro greatly appreciate 👍

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Man I wish my vote was worth anything near that amount 😅

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