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OnePageX is the simplest cryptocurrency converter in the world, supporting multiple cryptocurrency conversions all from one page. OnePageX is an exchange that wants to keep it as simple as possible. OnePageX “believe that greatness does not have to come at the cost of complexity”. And they seem to have conquered the world of future exchanges by being able to bring a unique service that allows cryptousers to convert currencies without wasting their time with registration and multi-step processes. This is why their entire exchange processes all happens in one page in just a matter of a few clicks. No stories. OnepageX has the best selection of cryptocurrencies online, offering more pairs than any other cryptocurrency conversion tool online. Unlike common exchanges where users need to register and fulfill certain requirements to make their first deposit or withdrawal. This can be annoying and frustrating, especially when users need the trade as soon as possible. This led the team at onepageX to come up with a solution to provide a simple exchange which can be carried out from the comfort of one page without switching pages. In addition to that OnePageX can be integrated on any website, with their onebox widget. OnepageX having better user-friendly interface and simplicity makes them merge players in the world of crypto-trades and future exchanges.


1.1 About Onepagex


“OnePageX is the simplest cryptocurrency exchange with a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. The name OnePageX is short for OnePageExchange. The philosophy behind OnePageX is to simplify the process of trading and converting cryptocurrencies. OnePageX does not require any registration. Simply pick your cryptocurrency of choice and get started”!

1.2 Key Features of OnepageX
• No sign-up/ Registration.
• Largest selection of currencies.
• Simple interface.
• Stress-free Transactions.
• OneBox Widget Integration

1.2.1 No Registration/Sign Up
“OnePageX does not require user registration, sign up or login. Each time a user generates a transaction their URL will be added on a "session". Crypto-traders can simply bookmark the page or copy and paste the link to come back to it. The addresses generated can be used indefinitely, and users can also come back to see the status of their transactions”.

1.2.2 Multiple Cryptocurrencies/Largest Selection Of Currencies.
With OnePageX users are not limited to a select few cryptocurrencies. “As of now, there are 140+ cryptocurrencies available”.

1.2.3 Stress-Free Transactions
“In line with keeping the interface simple, OnePageX allows multiple transactions from one page. Transactions are added in the form of cards that users can come back to and use any time”. In addition, the procedure is very easy:
“Step 1: Choose Assets to Convert
Step2: Enter a withdrawal address
Step 3: press “Start Exchange”

And there is also a fourth step: after pressing on the “Start Exchange” Button, your deposit address will show up, now send the amount of asset you want to exchange”.
You´re done as soon as you´ve sent the asset to the deposit address.

Source: @originalworks

Source: @originalworks

1.2.4 Onebox Widget Integration.

Source: @originalworks

“OnePageX has a widget that website owners can implement just by copy-pasting a snippet! This will allow website owners to provide their users with the ability to do quick cryptocurrency exchanges. The widget is called OneBox”.

1.2.5 Vision and Future
“OnePageX has only just been launched. There are numerous upcoming implementations that will allow users to convert more cryptocurrencies. While in this initial launch all the cryptocurrencies are converted from Bitcoin, other assets are actively being added. Plans for the future include an implementation for STEEM as well. The OnePageX vision is to enable trading most cryptocurrencies with a simple interface”.

Having a wide selection of cryptocurrencies is important because:
 It enables crypto-users to convert more cryptocurrencies with ease.
 It will also enable crypto-users to switch between cryptocurrency pairs in a simple an single interface.
 It will encourage fast transactions, convenience and simplicity, where users don’t need to switch between exchanges to trade their favorite cryptocuerrency pairs.
 The OnePageX vision is to enable trading most cryptocurrencies with a simple interface.
 It will encourage multiple transactions from one page.
 It will support multiple cryptocurrency conversions all from one page.


I think the benefits are unending, but enumerated below, are few I consider more beneficial to the large crypto-communities and counting.

• Since users can perform multiple exchanges from one page, it creates ease of use, fast transactions, convenience, reliance and simplicity.
• Crypto-users are able to manage both their withdrawals and deposits from one page.
• Crypto-users can perform multiple trades from one page using different crypto-currency pairs of choice.
• Crypto-users will be able to check market trends, rise and fall of crypto prices.
• Crypto-users will be able to keep track of all their past and future transactions.
• Traders will be able to manage trades and blockfolio from one exchanges.
• Having too many exchangers account can force a trader to forget the user details of one or two, causing stress on the traders part trying to recover these details, but, having the crypto-currency pairs of interest on one page, users bother less about user details.


 Because crypto-users will be able to perform multiple exchanges from one page and with the number of cryptocurrencies pair available at onepageX, other exchanges will only have to compete or risk losing the market.

 Crypto-users prefers a simple user interface platform, with or without registration stress and onepageX having being able to provide all these and more will leave other exchanges with either joining onepageX to provide an ease stress free platform, or leave users with no other choice than decamping to onepageX, after all, there are no registration processes and no tract of users identity will be verified.

 OnepageX exchanges is an exchange for the masses, with the ever growing list of crypto-currencies been listed on daily basis, users demands a platform where these daily listed crypto-currencies are added without stress, whereas any exchange that cannot perform this simple task for crypto-users will risk losing the market and onepageX, is set to dominate the market at the expense of other exchanges.


 This is the part that makes it interesting. Most naïve crypto-users don’t like their details going online and onepageX has provided them the faceless platform.

 It makes trades and transaction processes simple and stress-free.

 It helps keep tracks of users transactions and users can come back to their transactions anytime with ending or creating a new transaction.

 Before now registration processes at exchanges are very-time demanding and multi-tasking sometimes needing KYC verifications, show proof of identification, country, account and e-mail account verification and all these processes are time consuming.

 When crypto-users forget their user identity for a particular exchanges, recovering these details and most atimes these exchanges abandon users email for a change of password or recovery one. Most times their recovery processes are more multi-tasking than the registration oneself.

 Most exchanges have country barriers and by registration most users will be denied access to most exchanges of choice.


6.1 As An Individual

As a crypto-trader and Mr. Smart would love to do his tradings and transactions from the comfort of one page without stress, without multiple-stepped registration processes and without the fear of forgetting login details for his too many exchanges and without switching accounts and exchanges. Mr. Smart would love to convert his crypto-currencies from the comfort of one platform.

6.2 As An Affiliate Marketer

Mr. John own and run a website as an affiliate marketer. Most traffics or people he drags from his affiliate marketing website to various websites he affiliates for, never come back to his site, after re-direction to his affiliate’s websites. Using onepageX onebox widget integration will enable Mr. John’s visitors remain on his affiliate site while re-directing his visitors to his affiliate websites and also allow him retain his traffics.


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