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The acceptance of cryptocurrencies across all spheres of ife keeps growing and this gives rooms For day-to-day innovations for a better usage and utilization of the cryptocurrency. One of such is the use of proof of stake (PoS).
As we are well aware that Proof of stake is a median PC algorithm through which a few digital forms of money accomplish their conveyed agreement with little or no difficulties.
Proof-of-stake operates in such a way that members, miners and crypto-currency users can mine or validate block transactions according to the number and quantity of token/coins they are holding. Before now it is a know fact that Majority of the miners are used to staking program on Bitcoin and ERC20 platforms. Proof of stake has got numerous specialized benefits but when used in cryptocurrencies it gives extraordinary monetary advantage to its holders with the aid of giving them the opportunity of owing a masternode or staking their cash/tokens in a stake-succesful pockets. Surprisingly the ONEX platform makes use of this concept.

The ONEX platform has implemented the proof-of stake as a ERC23 as against the ERC20 Token that miners are conversant with, bringing it to the Ethereum classic platform in order to enable users to get benefits in form of stakes by encouraging them to hold ONEX for a long period of time, like 3 years on the least greater than or equal to the Minimum Coin Age.

The ONEX platform afford users of the platform to have the necessary ideas of blockchain, innovatives, setups and trade ideas, as they are also always equipped with the ideal coins and market trends.



The ONEX platform works in such a way that it's users are well equipped with necessary tools and resources to help them while trading with minimal difficulties. As we are well aware that Trading techniques generally is one of manners by which holders of different tokens or coins can have adequate guarantee on the benefit they hope to get and the present trading systems together with the hazard the board of every methodology.

Some of the tools provided by the ONEX platform for its users are as follows:

Creating New Ideas: With this approach created by the ONEX platform, Users of the ONEX system have the opportunity to get latest information on thoughts of blockchain innovatives, setups, exchange goals, etc by so doing they're not left behind in the latest innovation.

*Market Trends: with this new design, it is easier to identify that during the time spent going over market choices, there are constantly perfect coins and they also finishes for the market patterns. This trend keeps one abreast.

Educative Material: The users of the ONEX platform are not behind in that The "ONEX" has made an adequate arrangement for educative materials in the midst of other crypto markets brain research and vocabulary by presenting the instruction preparing on technical graph etc.

Most recent news : With the assistance of the blockchain technology, the "ONEX" platform has made arrangements available for direct data in regards to the latest in crypto for all its users.

On the ONEX platform are some wonderful Features that makes the ONEX platform a state of the art innovation. They are as follows:

The ONEX Calculator:
With the help of this calculator on the ONEX platform, users of the platform are oppurtned to make use of the ONEX calculator DApp to easily check CoinAge, Stake and view Staking Revenue. This will help them be up-to-date.

The ONEX Wallet:
The ONEX platform itself uses the Ethereum Classic compatible wallet as against the normal Ethereum wallet and it is recommended that all users or owners have a Saturn Wallet for Chrome & Trust wallet for Mobile.

The Buy or Sell:
Worthy of note is the fact that ONEX is currently listed on Saturn DEX exchange (which is the only exchange that list ETC tokens at the moment), which is currently trading at a reasonable price and volume. All subscribers who wish to own some ONEX tokens can conveniently go over to saturn DEX platform to exchange/trade your token.


Token Standard: ERC223 / PoS Standard
Name: ONEX Network
Symbol: ONEX
Decimals: 18
Max Total Supply: 10M
Initial Supply: 1M
Min Coin Age: 3 Days
Max Coin Age: 90 Days
1st Year Interest: 100%
2nd Year Interest: 50%
3rd - 15th Year Interest: 10%



Staking Guide:
Coinage Guide:
ONEX Calculator:

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