Your Payza Money is Safe | Payza Shutdown

in #online3 years ago (edited)

Is it accurate to say that you are an online worker and were utilizing Payza to get paid from different internet gaining programs?

On the off chance that your answer is yes, at that point you should realize that, Payza has been shutdown by US government. I looked into about it and found that, US government shutdown Payza as a result of some tax evasion illicit process done by Payza. What's more, now you should believe that how to pull back your payza adjust.

I didn't know about this and I was simply attempting to pull back some of my Payza adjust and Payza was not opening. I recently recollected that, when I signed in into my Clixsense account some days prior, there was a fly up news about payza, however I didn't read it because of absence of time. I simply disregarded it. Along these lines, I again signed in into Clixsense and read the declaration about Payza and I got this data about shutdown.

I was stressed over it, since I had cash in my payza account. Clixsense administrator unmistakably said in the declaration that, they don't know where the client's cash went. I simply endeavored to persuade myself that in the event that US government shutdown Payza, and we are not abde to open Payza site, we as a whole have lost our cash.

In any case, that isn't valid. Today I was conversing with one of my nearby Facebook companion from Serbia, Mirko Stijakovic who is proprietor of famous venture based mining organization called Platform Project Investment. I talk about with him about my payza misfortune. He gave me a stunning information. Indeed, it's not by any means a stunning data yet I was disconnected for around 2 weeks and I didn't know anything about Payza shutdown and there was insufficient data on Clixsense and on web other than only a shutdown messages.

This is the thing that my companion let me know, US government prohibited Payza and along these lines they can not do their activities from US. Along these lines, they moved to Europe and now all is well, Every client's record is sheltered with all the old adjust. All client simply need to open rather than that is it.

I attempted it and I could login into my payza record and all my past adjust was up there. I don't know whether you individuals definitely think about it, however at any rate in the event that you are finding your payza cash, this data would assume an imperative part.


I don't like payza

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payza sucks man!!!!!

I don't like payza

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From so long time i am waiting for this reward

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payza is a cheater

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