Congratulations to the First Gen International ONO Super Partners

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Art by @fabiyamada

Congratulations to all the first generation international ONO Super Partners!

As stated in the ONO White Paper, the first generation Super Partners have to be selected since there is not yet voting taking place. Come October, there will be Super Partner elections, and anyone can be either voted in or out. So, even these first generation Super Partners are not immune from election results in October. Super Partner selection is still ongoing as there are not yet 51 Super Partners. If you’re interested in submitting your candidacy to become a Super Partner, read here. Also read the ONO White Paper to understand what a Super Partner does and what is expected of them.

International ONO Super Partners

  • Angie Chin: Malaysia
  • Laura Urrego: Colombia
  • Julia K. Ponsford: Canada
  • Paolo Beneforti: Italy
  • Samuel Douglas: Australia
  • Lisafi Blessing: Nigeria
  • Christopher Edward Choun: USA
  • Gender Vera: Venezuela
  • Ghulam Mujtaba: Pakistan
  • Schaschwin schoenauer (AKA Winny): Germany
  • Leah Petersen (Katie Roman) USA
  • Alexander Mike Stachniewicz: Austria
  • Silvie N. Beatrix: digital nomad

Laura Urrego

Bio: Medical student and programming. Freelance Writer since 7 years ago. Passionate about teaching, social networks and digital marketing. Experienced in customer service and public relations.

Community Contributions: Member of the “ONO Spanish Team”, a group dedicated to working on spreading the message of ONO in Spanish. In charge of the official ONO Spanish account on Instagram. I have been communicating with leaders of several communities in Steemit, inviting them to join and inform their community about ONO and the possibility of finding information and answers in Spanish. I have written several articles about ONO in my Steemit blog and answered questions about ONO in my Discord account. I’m working in meet-ups in my city to let more people know the benefits of blockchain technology through ONO.

Angie Chin: Malaysia

Intro: I have spent 19 years working in various corporate industries when I call it quit in 2015 to focus on building WonderWomen Asia, the first Women portal in Malaysia and to spend more time with my daughter. WonderWomen Asia connects Women to Contents, Learning & Entrepreneurship and aspires to be the hub for Women in Asia to connect with one another and build a community of women that supports each other’s growth, whether via online & offline. WonderWomen Asia enables its users to connect, share information and access knowledge from each other. Currently exploring to implement Blockchain into the portal to reward users. I am passionate about animals and people who are economically challenged where I embarked on a Community Box initiative with a local mall in Kuala Lumpur where shoppers and visitors can donate essential items like food & hygiene supplies to be distributed to the less fortunate. Passionate to teach and share, I am part of the 1MET (1 Malaysia Entrepreneurship Training Bootcamp) programs (initiative of the Ministry of Finance) as well as Startup Youth Weekend as a Mentor for Entrepreneurial youths who are on the ideation stage. I brought in local Corporates to showcase their products & services (under the market access platform) in the 1ASEAN Entrepreneurship Summit (1AES) in 2015. 1AES event gathers aspiring and current entrepreneurs across the ASEAN region and offers selected entrepreneurs training and a range of support such as investment, mentoring, incubation, etc. I got into Steemit in October 2017 and have taken the initiatives to organize meet up events for Steemit Ladies in Malaysia as well sharing information with women who are not Steemit yet. My ultimate dream is to empower women community with sustainability options and opportunities by first imparting the necessary knowledge to them in order for them to thrive.

Contribution to ONO: I have translated ONO White Paper to Bahasa Malaysia (for Malay/Malaysian users) and shared this on Steemit. I have also created a video to explain what is ONO in a nutshell, created Social Media (ONOSocial Malaysia Facebook & Instagram) pages to share latest updates on ONO. I have also created a special page for ONO on our WonderWomen.Asia portal, organized small meet ups & planning various activities to spread word about ONO (videos, group activities, etc).

Julia K. Ponsford: Canada

Intro: Julia K. Ponsford received a B.A. in psychology from the University of Saint Mary’s, life had other ideas so she decided to follow her passions as an artist, filmmaker and musician. For the last ten years she has explored various mediums, such as creating an independent clothing line, running a designer gallery/boutique and releasing the first feature film as a world premiere on the blockchain called The Juju Gum Conspiracy. Her current focus is aimed at creating and strengthening various arts communities centered around blockchain technology.

Community Contributions: created several ONO art pieces and ONO Telegram sticker set, active in ONO Telegram artist group and provides support to emerging and innovative ONO art experiments.

Paolo Beneforti: Italy

Intro: I’m an artist, a journalist (in the past), a writer and I’ve been in social communities for more than 20 years. I am looking forward to see this new blockchain environment. I love new things.

Community Contributions: I have created many art pieces for ONO, in a variety of mediums and am very active in the ONO Italia Telegram group, helping to educate people about ONO. I translated the ONO White Paper to Italian. I am building a website to help italian users to understand and use ONO social ( I am helping to create and curate an ONO Italian community on Telegram and Discord. I did also a couple of images from the ONO logo. Also, working with a local group on various social activities for introducing people to ONO.

Lisafi Blessing: Nigeria

Intro: Student of the University of Nigeria Enugu campus. Currently in 300 level and am studying banking and finance.

Community Contributions: Joined ONO Builder group on Telegram, assist new users in English Telegram group with answers to their questions, actively spreading awareness of ONO on Twitter, including retweeting official ONO account daily, admin of my own ONO Telegram group which keeps members updated on current info about ONO. Working towards a better future in a country where the struggles are tough and challenging. To see how much value I can add to make the world a global village.

Samuel Douglas: Australia

Intro: Professionally, my background is in academic philosophy, education, and student administration — all roles I undertook while completing my doctorate. You can read my almost completely up-to-date curriculum vitae if you like, but here’s a summary:

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Philosophy, and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Newcastle (Australia).

Over 10 years experience as a university tutor and lecturer — mostly in applied and professional ethics, but also critical thinking and philosophy of language. Over 10 years experience in student administration — wide range of duties including assessing graduation requirements, degree information advice and related publication QA, as well as university policy advice (for both students and staff).

Lots of publications applying ethics and philosophy to current events in (hopefully) an accessible way.

Recent research interest: Ethical dilemmas in education.

Community Contributions: I have helped edit parts of the English translation of the ONO white paper, assisted with greeting and answering questions in some of the ONO telegram groups, including the ONO English telegram group, where I’m an admin. I’ve participated in testing for the user experience designers, written about the ethics of ONO on both steemit and elsewhere on the web, and generally tried to work behind the scenes to get good people I know interested in ONO.

On Steemit I’ve been involved in a lot of community projects and groups (probably too many). I started off with the the @teamaustralia branch of Peace Abundance Liberty the Minnow Support Project, the Deadpost Initiative, #steemitzombies, #nobidbot, #newbieresteemday, just to name a few. I’ve also contributed to the work of @steemcleaners, and have been an admin for the @steemflagrewards discord channel. Most recently, I’ve been involved with the @comedyopenmic project as a guest judge, acted a point of contact for new guest judges, and generally trying to support the project through trying to engage with new entrants to our competition.

Christopher Edward Choun: USA

Intro: Global Volunteer, North American Business, graduated from the University of Kansas, sociological researcher, artist, published on Steemit, is an online retailer of multiple branded products.

Community Contributions: A large amount of high-quality art material has been produced for ONO North America, is admin for many ONO Telegram channels, Steemit Follow @Empath, assists with video production for ONO uploads and other media requests from ONO Team. For details, see

Gender Vera: Venezuela

Intro: Venezuelan, 27 years old. Degree in Literature at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV). University leader, research intern at the Rómulo Gallegos University Studies Center (CELARG). Technological enthusiast, footballer, lover of outdoor sports. Ghostwriter, content creator, steemian and amateur chef.

Community Contributions: I translated the ONO White Paper into Spanish and Portuguese and am very active in the ONO Telegram groups helping people and being excited about spreading the word about the ONO social network.

English / Spanish / Foodie / Easy Going.

Ghulam Mujtaba: Pakistan

Intro: Master’s degree in Strategic Management Accounting. Currently working as a Quality Control Assistant in a Live Chat company. Have been working on Steemit since June 2017 and working as a curator for Slothicorn project. Learning SQL and C++ and want to do something in the field of technology. Loves blockchain and willing to design applications on this technology in the near future.

Community Contributions: Managing different Telegram groups including the official ONO English group. Inviting different creative and outstanding creators to this platform. Working with other members to make a list of FAQs for newbies. Translating articles into English that are posted on different platforms of ONO. Helping others to understand ONO’s philosophy better.

Schaschwin schoenauer (AKA Winny): Germany

Intro: My name is schaschwin schoenauer, but do. call me Winny. I was born in Germany but spent 8 years in Phuket Thailand where I learned English. After that I went back to Germany and graduated high school. I have always been fond of acting and making people laugh. I have had a complicated journey so far, but all what matters is that an opportunity has come where I’m able to make a living off of dtube where I’m able to provide my value to the world. I’m very grateful for that. I know that this is just the beginning of something new. Within the steemit world I have co founded the group dtubedaily and I’m very proud of that. I’m willing to give my best to the Ono community which I have on dtubedaily and I know I can do it because I am a very persistent guy. Talking about dtubedaily, recently I have been coming up with ideas, including others theirs, and editing them together that shows the collaborative value of the whole community that was put forth on the steem blockchain. On top of that, we have virtual meetups every week (which I have missed maybe 3–4 times) where we catch up and discuss the growth of dtubedaily. My second family was formed there :) I would love to bring my value (entertainment and being a super partner) to the Ono community as well.

Community Contributions: Created 2 informational ONO videos that explained the ONO White Paper in an entertaining manner, and I do welcoming and admin social duties in the ONO Telegram channels.

Leah Petersen (Katie Roman)

Leah Petersen is a stay at home Mom living in Central Oregon. I am applying to be an ONO Super Partner in order to help grow the ONO community and bring more users onto the EOS blockchain. In my spare time I like to read, hike, swim, and spend time with my husband and 20 month old son. I envision a world where people across the globe are united by shared values, vision, and ideas — a place where geography, culture, and nationality does not divide us — I believe ONO can be the genesis of that place!

Community Contributions: To date I have helped the ONO community by doing writing, copy-editing, and moderating. I have helped the broader EOS community with EOS advocacy and Telegram community evolution. My work background is in writing, scripting, copy-editing, marketing, and customer relations.

Alexander Mike Stachniewicz, AKA sciencevienna

Graduated from University of Vienna and University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna 2013 in Musicology & Cultural Institutions Studies, Diploma Supplement in Gender Studies. Publications in German on Beethoven as Entrepreneur — Culture-economic strategies of a genius The non-European Healer in musictherapeutical context Sublimation by culture — Critical sexology perspectives History and Philosophy of Science (M.A. pending), Vienna Circle, first representative of science- and knowledge management as profession in German speaking world, leadership experience since 2012 in social institutions and cultural funding institutions (details on request).

Community Contributions: Co-operation of Official ONO Facebook, ONO Linkedin and ONO Tumblr, Co-Initiator #onolove, Member of East Meets West Forum — LGBT Commercial Initiatives in Austria, Central & East Europe, Educate ONOeurope on ONO philosophies together with his muse @mammasitta & @brainnipper & @vasil-danev If we won’t foster emotional intelligence, we will disappear. ONO is the best representation of humanity values, characterized by so much positive energy and vibes with high potential to play the first violin for a new generation of social media

video on dLive:

Silvia N.Beatrix

Intro: Silvia N.Beatrix aka Silvie Iluh Cempaka — Mammasitta This “modern mother” and forward thinking woman was born in Vienna, Austria where she started her career as teacher. Later she moved to London and Paris to study French and English, as well as Italian. She lived in New York and Los Angeles for over 20 years in the 80’s/90’s. She was active as tour manager and coordinator and also casting agent. Since 1999 she raised her daughter in Bali, where she was an important initiator of the island’s electronic music scene and for more than 16 Years she worked as an event promoter and DJ booking agent in SE-Asia. Serial social entrepreneur with a proven track record of +35 years in the music (massivevibrations) and fashion industry, advocate for Indonesian tribal arts and traditions (onartbali), trends and jewelry designer, digital nomad, crypto, community & social media enthusiast, but also airbnb superhost for taking care of properties in Brazil, Indonesia and Europe. In June 2016, Silvie Iluh Cempaka (her given Balinese name) called also @mammasitta started a blog on steemit with now 6650 loyal followers, engaged with over 18 000 posts and 400 articles and initiated the development of #Steemit-Austria, supported their members as well as meet-ups in Vienna. She inspired and motivated many global members on the steemit platform.

Community Contributions: She became an active volunteer for ONO immediately as she heard about the project and started various social media activities, such as facebook & instagram, also introduced many potential international superpartner candidates. End of 2017 she started as vocational trainer and became mentor, co-founding the @globalschool and partner in the core team at the “comlab” (community laboratory).

Multi talented with a multicultural mind, Mammasitta gives voice and power to the community, implementing their social ideas. It is how in 2018, showing presence along the path of personal development of number community members and their projects, she dedicated her efforts to establish the “blockchain #mobility #empowerment academy”, program issue from the “com-lab” and supported notably by Generation Europa (European and Austrian Youth Awards) and Option2.0 (Civil Society Collective). The project bridge #blockchain #meet-ups organizers, locals and remote contributors on the path of the @silkroad40 led by Dr P. Reinisch introducing #crypto-art & #crypto-education and high-tech within a pan-Eurasian IoT tour from Austria to China, experimenting a framework dedicated to the exploration of future of learning and traveling.

Join ONO:

Become one of the early adopters in ONO by reserving your invitation code today: This is a pre-registration to secure an invitation code, and the code will be emailed to you after July 2018.

Official website:

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It’s great to be on the team - very exciting! There’s a lot of hard work ahead of us, but I think it will be fun nonetheless.

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