Steemit Open Mic Week 54 - The Same (Original Song)

in #openmic3 years ago (edited)

Here's a song I wrote yesterday. It really needs a chord pattern change in the middle to break it up a bit, but that hasn't arrived yet. I hope you like it anyway though.

The Same

So you do whatever you like
and though you heed no advice,
you've been doing some thinking
You see your will in his eyes
You like a look of surprise,
and aren't hearts made for breaking?
Wherever they are, you extinguish the fire
Every day it's the same

Whilst you choose the kind of life that you like,
it's not the 4th of July,
and some rules aren't made for breaking
As I look from afar,
it barely pulls me apart
that every one seems the same

When it all ends so soon,
and as you're waving goodbye,
is there a tear in your eye?
You won't try changing the system
You're just along for the ride
Happily passing the time,
and every day is the same



Great feel good tune man!

This is like a good vibes theme song do do dododo dododado

FYI, there's some kinda "Key" at the bottom of your lyrics...hope you meant that to be there...

Thanks! The key is a cryptographic hash of the video file. A rough kind of protection against people passing off my ideas as their own, which happened to me many years ago. So another benefit of the blockchain! I might explain more in a post soon, as it's on all my song videos and others might have noticed too.

Oh cool man! That sounds like an idea!

When you do explain this further please let me know. Very interesting way to protect your stuff...i think lol

Not really sure how it work exactly...haha

Hey jaybird, you made me think that rather than just explaining, I should make this into a service in steemreports. So here's the post!

Sweet thx man! Appreciated, and glad to be of influence ;)

This song really has a happy feel to it. Love it.


Thanks, and thanks for putting on the event! It's certainly getting me playing and writing more than I have for several years.

Singing along !!! Every day it's the same dututdutudutu... brilliant.

Thank you! When you have a melody, but your voice is all you've got to hand. :)

Nice Dude keep going

Wow man! I love this song. Catchy. Thanks for sharing! :)

Thank you - I'm pleased you liked it!

killer tune man

really fun this one my friend. love the vibe great work

Another great song from the great andybets!

I always enjoy listening to your original songs.