Steemit Open Mic Week 100| The A Team – Ed Sheeran (Carlos Vidal cover)

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Hello steemit community! I hope you have a great start to the week.

We are in another week of the #openmic contest and I must say that this time my participation really has a lot of meaning for me. It's the first time I participate in the contest singing alone with my guitar, and this already symbolizes a goal made for me since I had never dared to do it. But beyond that, the song that I present this week also has a lot of meaning "The a team - Ed Sheeran" and I already explained it to you.

From the first time I heard Ed Sheeran, when I was about 16 years old he became my favorite singer, but why did this happen? I like songs with meaning, with history, those that transmit you something unique, those songs that you can really call a work of art, and for me, this is what Ed Sheeran does with his songs. The first song I heard from him was "She", shortly after I heard "The a team" and when I saw the video, while I was noticing the meaning of the lyrics, I realized that there was something really deep behind the song.

The song is based on a true story.

Do you know the story?

The song describes in a very subtle and stylish way, the life of a girl who was addicted to crack, and who prostituted herself so she could have the money and consume the drug. It's amazing how Ed intertwines the real events of the girl's life with the lyrics of the song. He met her while working as a volunteer in a place of refuge, had the opportunity to talk to a girl named "Angel" and it is from her life, that the song is about.

Original song by Ed

It is impressive how Ed Sheeran covered himself in the lyrics to describe a prostitute addicted to drugs. You see, to divide the people who are addicted to drugs, they decided to classify them by letters, depending on the severity of the addiction, in this case we see "she's in the class A team" because she was addicted to crack.

Curious fact:

The lyrics of the song say "It's too cold outside for angels to fly", while the protagonist of the song is called Angel.

As always I thank the #openmic team @pfunk, @luzcypher, @passion-ground, @soundlegion, @krystle, @Verbal-d and @meno for the incredible initiative, and congratulate them for continuing to do an incredible job after 100 weeks



¡Hola comunidad de steemit! Espero que tengan un gran inicio de semana.

Nos encontramos en otra semana del concurso #openmic y debo decir que ésta vez mi participación tiene realmente mucho significado para mí. Es la primera vez que participo en el concurso cantando solo junto a mi guitarra, y esto ya simboliza una meta realizada para mí ya que nunca me había atrevido hacerlo. Pero más allá de eso, la canción que presento esta semana también tiene mucho significado “The a team – Ed Sheeran” y ya se los explico.

Desde la primera vez que escuché a Ed Sheeran, cuando yo tenía aproximadamente 16 años se convirtió en mi cantante favorito, pero ¿Por qué pasó esto? Me gustan las canciones con significado, con historia, aquellas que te transmiten algo único, esas canciones que realmente puedes llamar una obra de arte, y para mí, esto es lo que hace Ed Sheeran con sus canciones. La primera canción que escuché de él fue “She”, poco después escuche “The a team” y al ver el video, mientras notaba el significado de la letra, me di cuenta que había algo realmente profundo tras la canción.

La canción está basada en una historia real.

¿Saben la historia?

La canción describe de una manera muy sutil y con estilo, la vida de una chica que era adicta al crack, y que se prostituía para poder tener el dinero y consumir la droga. Es increíble como Ed entrelazo los hechos reales de la vida de la chica con la letra de la canción. Él la conoció mientras trabajaba como voluntario en un lugar de refugio, tuvo la oportunidad de hablar con una chica llamada “Angel” y es de su vida, que se trata la canción.

Canción original

Es impresionante como Ed Sheeran se encubrió en la letra para poder describir a una prostituta adicta a las drogas. Verán, para dividir a las personas que son adictas a las drogas, decidieron clasificarlas por letras, dependiendo de la gravedad de la adicción, en éste caso vemos “she's in the class A team”, "Ella es de clase A" debido a que era adicta al crack.

Dato curioso:

Mientras la letra de la canción dice “It's too cold outside for angels to fly”, “Hace mucho frio afuera para que los ángeles puedan volar” mientras que la protagonista de la canción se llama Angel.

Como siempre agradezco al equipo de #openmic @pfunk, @luzcypher, @passion-ground, @soundlegion, @krystle, @Verbal-d & @meno por la increíble iniciativa, y los felicito por seguir haciendo un increíble trabajo luego de 100 semanas.


beautiful song...

It is full of art 🎵

Buenisimo mi amigo. Mucho exito para ti en esta semana.

Ay! Vale muchas gracias maestra bella!. Un abrazo

Hey carlos Great cover of a Great Singer ! I showed my wife your session, because she is a huge fan of Ed sheeran. She told me that you did this also very good 👌😀 . A great share to the steemit community !

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Wow, really? I am very grateful with that, I am very happy that the cover liked to you and your wife, greetings!

Yes its not perfect ;-) but you put many feelings in this song! AND you take the people with you.

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Hermanooo! Demasiado buenoo! Mis saludos y respetos hermano! Exitos de verdad espectacular mano!

Bro muchas gracias, creeme que aprecio muchísimo esto. Feliz de que te haya gustado el cover bro!

  • @carlosvidal Imprecionante as you described the story of the song. The lyrics are really expetacular. It carries a great message, with great significance the song. I really liked that you accompanied the song with the guitar. Many successes in this beautiful contest. Congratulations @carlosvidal.

  • @carlosvidal Imprecionante como describiste la historia de la cancion. La letra es realmente expetacular. Lleva un gran mensaje, con gran significado la cancion. Me gustó mucho que acompañaras la canción con la guitarra. Muchos éxitos en este bello concurso. Felicitaciones @carlosvidal.

Muchas gracias! Es que realmente esta canción tiene un gran valor personal para mi, marcó mi vida y quería describir mas o menos el por qué. Muy agradecido con tus palabras

Linda interpretación!!<3

Gracias! Significa mucho que le haya gustado, un abrazo!

Muy buena entrada, éxitos amigo!!

Isa fuiste parte de mi inspiración para salir de mi zona de confort, estoy feliz de tener tu apoyo, eres lo máximo

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Thanks for the support! I'm impressed to see this, it means a lot to me in my first entry singing only along with my guitar

That's very nice. You have a good voice and i do like ed sheeran music. I wouldn't normally be into that genre of music but for some reason it's really hard not to like his music. Keep it up.

It's that those songs are really good. I'm glad you liked it, thanks!

I did like it and being a fan of music I always like to see people who enjoy doing it.

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Thanks for the support, and congratulations again! Open Mic is growing fast and with the best vibes

OMG.. Ed sheeran, The a team
Sounds good😍

Another fan of Ed! Great, thanks!❤

I do love songs that convey deep messages and Ed Sheeran's songs sure does have that. The girls's story is really touching (and a bit sad), I hope she was able to receive the help she needed.

Carlos, you sang the song really well. I am glad you dared to sing and play (the guitar) on your own this time, it must have been a big step. But you did pretty well!

Yes! It's amazing how the lyrics of Ed songs are usually so moving. But this song is sad and beautiful at the same time. Thank you very much! I'm starting to get out of my comfort zone

Yeah, it is!!

It is definitely a step in the right direction. You should practice that more often!

Dude that was awesome, and you are a great guitar player. You also have a great voice for this style of music, you absolutely nailed most of those falsetto parts. You did very well for a first solo try, much better than I could ever do.
Ed Sheeran is an awesome song writer, and most of his songs are tough to sing, lol, he doesn't even record all of the songs he writes. They are all pretty deep though.
Good luck in the contest, It is one of the better entries that I have seen.

Wow, really your words have touched my heart. Thanks bro, to receive such a nice comment about something that means so much to me is incredible. I love seeing more people who like Ed's work too

Oh my friend you deserved the praise. The funny thing is a lot of people love his work and don't even realize that he wrote some of their favorite songs. I think Bieber and Taylor Swift have recorded some of his music, and several others.

This is one of my favorite songs and my friend who also plays the guitar frequently sings. You have a good voice and I think you did well covering this song :D

I agree on the song having a meaningful background. I wasn't paying attention to the lyrics when I first heard it but the rhythm was catchy enough to make me stick around listening to it a couple of times. I like your taste in music :D

Este es un post genial genial. Me encanta que está muy bien redactado y presentado, @carlosvidal. Éxito. Felicidades. ¡Contenido de calidad!