Steemit Open Mic Week 54 - 9 Crimes (Cover) - Melavie & Chaifm

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It was 2 am. We found this empty room in my flat and discover the beautiful acoustics. So, we had to record a song.
We love you Damien Rice, thank you for such a beautiful song.

This time, me & @melavie only had one take. I had to wake up early to go to work the day after, hence the evening attire that I am wearing.
Also, for this reason apologies for the small going out of tune in some of the harmonies. I am not really going to hide it anywhere, so I will just comment on it, here :)

Creating harmonies is something that is very new for me. I love it and it feels like it will become my new life philosophy. Flowing with harmony in others, while keeping your voice, and knowing what you stand for.

Also, at the beginning of my harmony journey, I always had this big question (especially playing with people like Mela) but is it going to be more beautiful if I add something? And it takes so much courage to find out if it is a yes or no. And sometimes it will be a no and sometimes yes! But the only way how to get there and find out, is just to try.

I am so happy that I have chance to try and thank you to everyone, especially Mela, for not giving up on me and your patience. Even if sometimes I cannot keep my voice and keep jumping to yours:)

Good night steemit. That was my midnight singing life philosophy.



What a treat. Two of my favorite artists here, Damien Rice who is just great and one of my favorite songs from him all coming together 😍 I wonder how the acoustics would have worked with a mic between you? Keep doing more songs together, please!

Thank you :) that is really nice to hear.

Still experimenting with the mic positioning - I was recording on my zoom h2n, and I just put it in the middle of the room. Do you think it should have been closer to us? if yes, why?
Also, I tried to do some normalization, put limiter and compressor in audacity, but to be honest i have no idea if I am doing it right - if there is anyone who wants to enlighten me on this topic I would be super grateful.

Also, I am saving up for some nice speakers, so actually I am not really sure how exactly it sounds for you... just checking the sound on my computer and headphones.

Having mic closer, like they are in studio recordings, would probably help to bring more meat and presence to your voices. I'm not sure however and I'm also curious how it would change the sound in a setting like this.

If you want to do music production and have moveable sized speakers , I'd try to listen to Genelecs before buying anything. The cheaper models lack in bass but it could be just perfect for you.

oh and thank you for resteeming :)

Well, YES... It's quite alright, alright with me! My two favorite OpenMic girls... what can possibly NOT be alright with this... Loved it, and the two of you together in the wee-hours - just doin' your thing... NICE!

thanks passion ground! yes, it is the creative time for both of us! :)

Still coming back to listen to this. Probably my favorite piece of music on Steem blockchain! A gem.

thank you :))))

Beautiful girls! I like this one. ;) Nice harmonies here. Funny ending. Is good to see you smile (:) Is good to hear you sing

What a beautiful compliment from such a beautiful person. Thanks a lot! (:)

dakujemeeeee :)

wow ... you are right .. the acoustics was just perfect

thank you, it is so much fun to experiment in new spaces :)

I loved your cover, your voices!!

thank you :)

nice song, really love this one from good ole happy boy damian :)
nice performance even sometimes the emptiness of the room is maybe a bit too much :D
keep rocking ladies !

haha thanks :) I am not a big fan of fancy effects in general, but in this room I feel like a little child that just discovered transitions in a powerpoint presentation, and went crazy with it, and loved it ;)

There was this harmony and feel to the song. Made you want to listen forever.

Lovely voices 🔥🔥

thank you :) that is really nice to hear :)



Harmonies take on a life of their own, like magic. Love the sound in that room. Congratulations last week and thanks for playing again.


Hey, would you be down for something like this?
Are There Enough Songwriters On Steemit To Host A Songwriting Contest To Win A New Guitar

thank you luzcypher :) We were really happy to see the nice response last week. Wow.
The competition sounds really nice, I will give my full insights in the post comments. Thanks for mentioning.

One of my absolute favorite songs. ❤️ The acoustics in that room are kind of haunting... very cool!

thank you, there is more from that room coming. It is empty like this for some limited time, so haunting times are upon me :)

Can’t wait to hear it! You both have such amazing voices and I love the way they blend together really well when you sing together.

Man this is awesome! I love me some DR!!

thank you, yes Damien is a never ending source of inspiration and some amazing songs

I think there are only two groups of people - those who never heard of Damien and those who really love him, and not so much in between ...

this is so great!!! I like a lot your work girls, and the natural reverb its just amazing!!!

thank you :) wow I love your music, too! beautiful, if I ever had a dream band I really hope you would be the guitarist:) there are too few female guitarists - thank you for spreading the girl power :)

a treat to my ears... sounds beautiful... easy to get lost in the sound

thanks meno :)

omg the acoustics in there.... ideas ideas ideas are flooding ... this is wonderful lovely work

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Hi melavie how's Australia this morning?

Hi. I don't know about Australia but Austria is quite fine I guess. ;)

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