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RE: Steemit Open Mic Week 100| The A Team – Ed Sheeran (Carlos Vidal cover)

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Dude that was awesome, and you are a great guitar player. You also have a great voice for this style of music, you absolutely nailed most of those falsetto parts. You did very well for a first solo try, much better than I could ever do.
Ed Sheeran is an awesome song writer, and most of his songs are tough to sing, lol, he doesn't even record all of the songs he writes. They are all pretty deep though.
Good luck in the contest, It is one of the better entries that I have seen.


Wow, really your words have touched my heart. Thanks bro, to receive such a nice comment about something that means so much to me is incredible. I love seeing more people who like Ed's work too

Oh my friend you deserved the praise. The funny thing is a lot of people love his work and don't even realize that he wrote some of their favorite songs. I think Bieber and Taylor Swift have recorded some of his music, and several others.