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RE: Steemit Open Mic Week 100 - Record Your Performance And Win Steem - Sponsored By @pfunk And @luzcypher

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Hi everyone!
Here's a little song of mine called
'Chapters Just Begun' for this weeks epic 100! weeks of the amazing Open Mic gathering.
Thanks to EVERYONE on the team that makes this happen each week! You are all champions of independent music, and I would like to thank you personally for all the work you do here and beyond!
Much Love

You can also visit my blog post Here


This is so my kind of song. Down the road, stories told... I love it!

Hey thanks Kat!
♥ 🎸

Beautiful voice and music, Such a pleasant song. You're an artist my friend.

Hey there! Thanks for your lovely feedback my freind!
It's really appreciated!

This is my jam. I love it. LOVE.

Hey Carrie! Thanks for popping over for a listen!

Your song won my laziness and I decided to comment it. lol Very good song really, I'm glad that I can talk to original singers, I'm really a crazy music lover. You sang remember me Ben Howard, I like to listen to some his song, especially ''Oats In The Water''. Thanks for the song. ☺♪♫

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my song! I'm not sure what you mea t about the Ben Howard song though?

Your song makes me remember him, that is it. And I shared the song that I like, you may be interested or you may know that song, that's it. lol

Ah! I understand what youn mean now!
well, Yes, Mr Ben Howard is a great song writer so thanks for the comparison!