Steemit Open Mic Week 63 - Sinful Wishing Well (cover)

in #openmic4 years ago

I really enjoy Caitlin Rose. She has some pretty great songs! This one just happens to be one of my favorites.

Luckily, I recorded this earlier in the week! If I hadn’t, I would have nothing to submit for Open Mic, unless of course, I sang some Johnny Cash? Interrupted by some fantastic coughing harmonies? 🙄

Nasty viruses are lurking all over our town, and, well, as much we tried to hide from them... they. found. us.

Thanks for listening!

Peace. Love. And really regretting sending my kids to public school.



Great Song, beautiful voice, perfect performance, amazing singing!!! :) But you knew that already. :)

Oh, wow! Thank you!!! :) What a great freaking compliment! I was stoked when I saw this! @geekgirl

@geekgirl really has a different and unique voice, I like it.
I think he can give a lot more than he's got. It's a voice that has to take great advantage of it, good work @ellicia continues like this. You won a vote for me.
I'm new to steemit and I like to watch and learn from everyone, if you want to support me I also uploaded a recent video singing I hope you like it here. ↓

Promoting your own post in somebody else's blog post is not a good idea. I recommend not doing that because that will not help you. Instead, I recommend leaving genuine comments on posts with no strings attached. Then you will see that people more likely be interested in checking your blog. Good Luck.

Good for to hear you and vote if you vote...hahaha! The last one was fishing a bit. Always wonderful to hear you. Always beautiful. Always.

I love it

Thank you!

You sound great! Thanks.


Thank you!

great great song. i love your voice! just saying! :)

Thank you so much!!!

you are very much welcome! ;)

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I think it's over ... to say that really very good song and performance on your part ... happy to have heard you ... I invite you to follow me as I will with you .. =)


Thank you!

great song!

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