Steemit Open Mic Week 68 - Silence (cover)

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Frigid temps. Snow on the ground. Icy roads. Cancelled school. Husband home on vacation.

Yeah. It has been a pretty great week.

Here is a Marshmello/Khalid cover that we recorded last night. We aren’t very familiar with either artist, but the lyrics are pretty amazing.

Peace. Love. And staying warm.



Ooh, those are some deep lyrics! As always you guys did amazing!! Even though I've never heard it I found myself humming and singing along with you, thanks for giving me a new artist to check out 😊

I’m not sure what type of music the two artists have, other than this song. So, don’t hold me accountable. Lolll! I do love the lyrics to this one.
Thanks for listening to us! 😊

Genial me encanta muy sutil y bello

Thank you!