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Hello there, here is my entry for Steemit Open Mic Week 102.

I winged it at the last second to post this. Thank you @pfunk, @ausbitbank, @curie, @aggroed for sponsoring and thank you @luzcypher for hosting! Thank everyone for supporting!

▶️ DTube

I am too old to learn beat-boxing, but i love listening to it. Everytime when I saw any beat-boxing in tv show, it would get my full attention. Your performance was cool and not easy to played it this way. It really amazing how you created it and you are everyone idol.

Cool beatboxing there @eternalbeat and I like your gadget. Were you recording the different beatboxing sounds and replaying them with it? What is it called?

Thank you! @marblely It is called a loop station.

Aaa... I think that is what Beca was playing with, in Pitch Perfect 3 too. Thank you @eternalbeat! You have a great Sunday there!

Hi eternalbeat,

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love this i was going to actually get a loop station but got a sp404 first loop station is on the list also for sure so i can learn to get my dub fx on. great stuff tho, im a beat maker check out my channel for dope lofi music if u dig chill vibes.

Thank you! @kurosivemed1a
I will check out your channel!

Its a beat box right?
By the way how old are you, what's your name?
I'd seen kids doing beat box.
I also love hearing beat box, it makes me attentive.

The sounds of your beat box is quite cool for me.
I guess you add a little bit of words or more words?
I don't know if my feedback is right.

You're very much welcome!
But hey, you did not answer my questions.
Anyways, good luck on your beat box passion.
I hope you succeed.
Best of luck!

Few years ago, one of my professors in school was making a comment about the kind of music today's generation prefers. He was saying that today's kind of music with totally no lyrics but just "pssst' and "brrrr" and scratches are out of his types. I smiled as I realized he was referring to beatboxing. I think he was born in the 60's so no wonder why he thought that way. But then time changes and so does music evolves.

It was very good of you to come up with that composition and recorded it live. It was like on the spot presentation. It was a lively performance which would invite people to stand up and go with the beat. 😊

Good luck on the contest!

You're welcome.

By the way, I wonder how you prepare for this type of competitions. Do you practice or come up first with the "lyrics" (I don't know how to call it) or things just flow naturally?

Just freestyle and pure creation. This one was a natural flow! I just express how I feel deep inside in the moment.

You must be very artistic to be able to express your feelings through music, much so with beat boxing.

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Man, it was really something watching you do your magic here. Amazing how you create a piece basically out of nothing. Inspiration is everywhere.

Steem on!

That's why I love creating. Thank you! @organduo

hello @eternalbeat you made something unique friend you ate it with the great performance that you have done too much magic in your hands and the beat box that you made too original congratulations, a great support from here @ neymarth10

Nice performance, you nailed it! sound from beatboxing is really interesting and fun to hear, well, I can never get a hang of it.

WOW this is not easy .. This is incredible and I had no idea how it worked .. My respects for creating with your voice those excellent sounds .. I LOVE THIS @eternalbeat Greetings!!

Thank you! @naideth

Working the kit is a talent in itself. People can make brilliant or terrible music from it. You had a good start on there but i would like to hear it filled out a bit more. The music seemed a little empty. I cant quite put my finger on it but i just felt it needed a bit more. Just my opinion though.

Cool bro, I like your console, very clever to play with words too! That's good, you do have a lot to give as a beatmaker.

@eternalbeat Excellent how you mix voices, sounds and rhythms. It's great to enjoy your great talent. How do you name with a great voice the name of the contest in which you are participating. It sounded great. Many successes with your music. I hope you get a good place in this fantastic contest in which you are participating. A big greeting. A lot of support for you.

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