Green Day Cover: Waiting

in #openmic4 years ago

Thanks for viewing guys and let me know what you think of this drummers attempt at singing and playing some geet.


I stopped and paused the video immediately and clicked Watch On YouTube because I knew it was good and listened to the whole song from there. I liked the video and subscribed to your channel. Love Green Day and this song and you did it great justice with this cover, keep the great work man.

Really nice of you to say that. Thanks!

Sounds really good, man. Thanks for playing

Dude, that was awesome... great vocals and guitar! I could just imagine what you sound like on drums... Too bad your gonna get dinged for not saying "open mic week # whatever" - otherwise I think you'd be in the top ten if not number one! See if you can edit this take to include the proverbial bureaucratic phrase - I sure would like to see you ranking high this week! Good vibes, and great energy - loved it!

I'll definitely be shouting out the competition wording next go round.

great voice for that song! Following. Check out some of my songs if you're inclined.

Really means a lot. Thanks!

Excellent cover I like green day songs are songs with beautiful melodies and you knew how to make a good cover

Appreciate that. Thanks you!

Beautiful voice!!! Upvoted and re-steemed!!

Thanks so much for the support!

AWESOME cover. So talented xoxo

Nicely done thanks for sharing !

Thanks for watching!

A very nice song, your voice is mesmerizing
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the kind words

You are welcome my friend, I enjoyed listening to your song.

great cover

Thanks for listening

Hey, I see you like music - check this out. I upvoted, hope you can do the same

Very cool thank you!

amazing skills. you deserved it

Thank you for that!

GREAT song, WELL done!

Thank you John.

Great Voice man , really enjoyed the cover video :D

Awesome voice, good cover.

Thank you friend.

Dude, you even sound a bit like Billy Joe Armstrong. Awesome!

Thanks for the complement friend.


i really love music because music is life thank you very much for that wonderful voice


Love your voice bro!!

Appreciate that.

Nice one! You really nailed your Billie Joe voice and you looked like you were having so much fun doing it. Guitar bounced along nicely too. Upped and followed.

Thank you sir. Means a lot.

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