Steemit Open Mic Semana 104 - Cover low (Lenny Kravitz) Feat. @gabriel8ar by @funkmedia

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Low - Lenny Kravitz. Cover by @funkmedia and @gabriel8ar

Para conmemorar este Mes de Septiembre y los dos años del OpenMic junto a un gran numero de participantes, hemos decidido en probar nuestra capacidad de realizar un video musical sin salir del reglamento, para brindarles un nuevo formato visual para esta entrada, ya que todos los chicos de Funk Media han estado un poco ocupados durante esta temporada debido a que estamos entrando en un proceso de composicion y amerita una especie de exilio, debido a las responsabilidades que cada uno de nosotros va absorbiendo. Hasta logramos conseguir el apoyo de @gabriel8ar con su increible estilo de bateria, muchas gracias querido amigo, sabes que cuentas con nosotros para lo que sea.

Dejando eso a un lado y concentrandonos de nuevo en la entrada de esta semana. Nos enorgullece presentar este tema de Lenny Kravitz una influencia para todos y cada uno de los integrantes de la banda, el pasado mes des julio Lenny Kravitz presento en las redes sociales el tema de Low, como sencillo de su album Raise Vibration el cual tuvo debut este mes de Septiembre asi que despues de disfrutar de esta obra de arte decidimos hacerle un tributo y que mejor forma de presentarla que en la plataforma de Steemit, principalmente a ustedes de la comunidad del #Openmic.

To commemorate this month of September and The 2 years OpenMic along with a large number of participants, we have decided to test our ability to make a music video without leaving the rules, to give them a new visual format for this entry, since all the Funk Media guys have been a little busy during this season because we are entering a process of composition and merit a kind of exile, due to the responsibilities that each of us is absorbing. We even managed to get the support of @ gabriel8ar with his incredible drum style, thank you very much dear friend, you know that you have us for whatever.

Leaving that aside and concentrating again on this week's entry. We are proud to present this song of Lenny Kravitz an influence for each and every one of the members of the band, last month of July Lenny Kravitz presented on the social networks the song "Low", as a single of his album "Raise Vibration" which had debut this month of September so after enjoying this work of art we decided to pay tribute and what better way to present it than on the Steemit platform, mainly to you from the #Openmic community.

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Low - Lenny Kravitz

If you wanna talk to me
Know that I am planning to see
Yeah, yeah, hey, hey
I don't want this thing to be
Staining my reality, yeah, yeah

Don't lift me up

To turn me down

I just want a lover

Baby stay with me on the floor

Talk with me, let me go

Got to keep below

Talk with me, let me go

Got to keep below

Don't lift me up

To turn me down

I just want a lover

Baby stay with me on the floor

Talk with me, let me go

Got to keep below

Talk with me, let me go

Got to keep below

If you bought the fantasy

It's murder in the first degree, yeah


Is my sexuality

Creating such a tragedy, yeah


I'm so tired of playing this crazy game

Someone's always left out in the rain

Is there a chance that we can make it, uh

Just keep it real 'cause we can't fake it, yeah

'Cause you and I can't take this anymore

We've got to keep our feet right on the floor

There's no more secrets, no more lying

Baby I'm really, really trying

To get to love

Big thanks to @luzcypher @pfunk and very gratefull, great Initiative for a space of understanding and good music in all formats. Respect to the judges @krystle @soundlegion @verbal-d @passion-ground and you Steemit User for watching and giving your support to this entry!

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This is a really cool cover of the Lenny Kravit's song @funkmedia. I loved how you put all the different sections of the musicians together in 1 video and all sounding in unison. Loved the intro too :) You guys are amazingly talented.

This IS funky! Really well put together. You guys all play really well, and you play well together. I really love this. Thanks!

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wow increíble, que buenos son, puro talento! me encantó

Gracias cariño intentamos hacer lo mejor en nuestras producciones, gracias por comentar y apoyarnos!

I want more @funkmedia!

I enjoyed watching and listening your performance guys!
The voice, the music, the video, all are perfect to me!
You rock!

I love it!

and you will receive more, we are in creative process at this moment, soon we will come to show the new of our music and our work, thanks for being attentive and enjoying our work

You're very much welcome!

I'll be looking forward on your new music and work.
Many music artists are sharing their talents here on Steemit.
Many love it including me of course.

Do you guys have a manager?

thanks for the support brother, for the moment we do not have a manager, we do everything ourselves, but over time someone will come and push us a little more

Well, manager will come the least you expect it I guess.
Just keep going, keep doing, keep working, keep performing and the momentum will grow in time.

damn,i really love the beat,it was so cool..keep on recording music friend i really enjoy it.

God Bless!

But you did it well bro!

thanks for the support brother, the original song is amazing!

Thanks for the support
Brother, the original
Song is amazing!

                 - funkmedia

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Life performance comes with a kind of great vibes that touches the soul. The music is great , I hold on strongly to the line

Don't lift me up
To turn me down

lenny kravitz is a genius and we wanted to pay tribute to him with this cover

Hi funkmedia,

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Eternally Grateful!!

Increible este video, hermanos. Un placer como siempre trabajar con ustedes.

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Muy bueno amigo, un voto para ti. Una pregunta, que programa usas para dividir las pantallas para reproducir varios videos a la vez? Saludos, espero su respuesta. Gracias!

Gracias hermano, agradecidos por tu comentario y apoyo! el programa que usamos es adobe premiere cc 2017 (las versiones previas son igual de buenas), super intuitivo y fácil de usar