Steemit Open Mic challenge - cover of drop the game by Chet faker

in #openmic4 years ago (edited)

Hey guys!
This is my first entry to @luzcypher 's open mic challenge.
I'm overwhelmed by all the talented People putting forth their music and the sheer power that resonates from their voices.
I'm a little rusty, but I hope to get better.
Steemit has always been the first platform for everything I have been passionate about, why should it be any different for my music?
So here's my cover of Drop the Game by Chet faker!
I hope you all like it!

I want to use this post as an opportunity to thank @luzcypher not only for giving the minnows a chance to show their talent but also for giving a platform for so many talented musicians from whom I draw inspiration!
Enjoy and have a beautiful day!



Thank you for this! :')

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