Steemit Openmic Week 47 - [Original Song] - Turn Back Time

in #openmic4 years ago

Here's a new Original song I've ben working on.

Kinda rough with some voice flubs oh well...
I'd also like to make a better bridge section, for now it's just fluff lyrics.


jaybird Steemit.jpg

jaybird ~


Very catchy entry bro @jaybird, please check out my Judge Analysis here, I have included you in it.

Oh I did... Appreciate the kind words as always!

That particular entry was an idea from last year that I just couldn't seem to take to the next level. I left it for a while and it just kept sneaking back into my mind now and again. So in Aug i started to jam on it again (i usually work on like 3-5 tunes at the same time until one of them get's finished).

  • And then, I really focused in on that particular one for a few days trying to break through and it really came through for the verses (i think) where I decided to sing with a lot of force instead of airy and low reg.

  • The pre-chorus i never really touched all that much, A couple of melody slurs and a quick rhythmic change for one line.

  • The chorus I actually cut out some of the words and opted to change the melody in each line. It used to be just me blasting at maximum capacity the same melody for all four lines which took everything i had to maintain and didn't really hold my attention.

  • I also re-wrote the bridge, however when I was making the open mic recording, I did a few versions with the "fluff bridge" and honestly it had better context than the re-write.

Save it for the recording. And yes, the plan is still to make the album and release as an exclusively steemit artist. I have very little interest in the rest of the internet platforms for releasing music right now lol.

Dude! writing this note to you gave me an idea. What if I started writing some kind of composition blog... Might be an interesting idea. Write a tune: analyses the composition process and the musical devices I used etc... Maybe it could be interesting.

Yeah definitely bro, that sounds like an interesting idea for a composition blog, you should definitely try it out for a week or two and see how it brings in feedback for your creation process :)

Just woken up here... (UK) and hell, that one definitely brought me round! 👏👏👏 Fast moving stuff. Couldn't agree more with the comment regarding incomplete work. It's too easy to lose that initial inspiration once you have the draft set down. Keep at it mate. I also look forward to hearing the finished version. 👍

Thank you kind Sir, I appreciate you swinging by.

And Ya, if you don't capture the initial magic you might lose it as you slave over a song. In the end, u might have a finished trk, however it doesn't feel or translate the same. Sometimes those expressions through music are fleeting and you have to record it while it's fresh.

Since these are demos, I can at least capture the spirit of the tune for later. When I re-work it or choose to make a solid studio version, it's easier to get back there with a reference.

The track I made "Sense of Taste" for @soundlegion 's Steemit Artist Music Vol 1. was one of these demos tracks for openmic and it seemed to turn out pretty good as the studio version! Pretty different all be it.

Dig the song man. Upped. I just entered this week myself. Good luck.

Your song is cool. Nice voice too!

Awesome @jaybird! That rocks!


Nice driving energy and dynamic presentation Brother.

Thank you my friend!

My pleasure. I feel 'Turn Back Time' has lots of potential possibilities.

Yo – Jaybird… you’re hittin’ your stride here, I’m guessing in 4th or 5th gear.. (he-he) … Seriously man, you’re frikkin’ AWESOME as they come… Loved this!

Haha thanks bud! My goal is to hit 6th gear and not grind too much lol

I'm certain you'll reach whatever goals you set for yourself my friend! The sky's the limit....

That one has great potential! don't lose that one in the stack. Great job.

thanks captain obvious :)

hahaha lol.

seriously though, thanks for taking a listen! I'll have to get on doing proper version of these soon before i lose them as you say

I know because I have lost many songs to the abyss. LOL
I too love to play the acoustic guitar.

Ya it happens. Got to make some kind of recording of them so you can always go back when it rings in your head. Sometimes, if you don't quite finsih a song or even if you wana rework it months down the road. happens to me a lot.

you have tracks up?

I have just a couple of songs I recorded for mom back in the day. But nothing that is really current. I will put one up soon and tag you in it.

Sounds good I'd look forward to it ;)

Cool song and nice voice !

Thank you!

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Best singer on the whole platform! You rock man!

Jeez, I 'm not sure about that lol. I do appreciate that accolade tho!

I'm getting better i know that much!

Your voice sounds rather mature..not that I'm an expert in singing ;)

Great energy and vibe though! Those sandwiches must produce quite a lot of fuel =PP

Thanks! I've been working on it these past few years. It's still no where close to where i want it to be. I have a lot of great singer friends whom I'm trying to catch their coattails lol

Sandwiches mainly produce flem bahahaha, got 2 drink plenty of water to counteract that!

Well, at least you got your guitar playing down on pretty solid ground there ;)

Sandwiches = phlegm..hmm that does not sound like the greatest diet to be on for a singer trying to catch some coattails..loll

Awesome man. Always feel the 90s with your tunes.

yep it's a curse and blessing haha. Hard to get away from it sometimes. The good thing is that many of "our" favourite or this generations classic songs were from the era.

Nice work - great vocals and over all sound.

Thx yo, Glad you like me for more than just my manwiches ;)

that was fast man!... Nice song!

thank you kind sir! too many ppl now a days to enter in late! no chance! lol

Dang @jaybird. Song is off to a great start. Can't wait to hear the final version.

Thanks Shalala, appreciate u taking a listen!

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