Steemit Open Mic Week 88 - DNA - Kendrick Lamar (Drum Cover)

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I've invited my cousin (Nick Villamizar), a berklee graduate, to participate in the Open Mic contest. For the moment I've lended him my account. He wont believe me when I tell him I've been making some good money with this awesome network.

Disclaimer: again, this is not me, but I hope you'll give him a warm welcome. Hopefully enough to drag his a$$ in here for good!

By the way, this is my first time using @dtube I'm moving on to this platform and leaving youtube aside.

As always, a big shoutout to @luzcypher ! (hopefully I'm not breaking any rules by letting him use my account, but please let me know)

You can follow his work on his other social networks at @nick_villamizar_



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This is so cool

es un demooonio lml

To enter Steemit Open Mic please follow the rules. Thank you.

  • You can use DTube but include an embedded YouTube or Vimeo video too.

Steemit Open Mic Loves Dtube So Why Do I Have To Add A Youtube Video To My Open Mic Entry --- by @luzcypher

You don't need to make a new post, just add a YouTube video to this post, please. Thank you.