Steemit Open Mic Week 92 - Maga (Original)

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  • Esta semana decidí regresar un poco a mis raíces latinoamericanas. Es poco habitual conseguirme en estos géneros o grooves, pero intenté hacerlo lo más "mio" posible. Estas entradas se están volviendo parte de una disciplina muy importante en mis últimos meses, he podido realmente dedicarme a la producción y composición como nunca antes. Podría decirse que de una manera casi profesional. Componiendo temas, produciéndolos, grabándolos, mezclándolos y finalmente entregándolos en un tiempo récord. Agradezco a la comunidad de open mic por una muy buen razón para seguir fieles a lo que amamos. La música.

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  • This week I decided I would revisit my latin roots. It's unusual to see me around these genres, but I tried making it sound as "me" as possible. These entries have become a very important discipline through these last couple of months, I've really been able to dedicate myself to composing and producing like never before. You could almost say I'm doing it in a professional manner; writing new music, producing the songs, recording, mixing and finally submiting before the due date! I thank the open mic community for giving us a real reason to keep true to the thing we love most. Music.

As a side note, translating lyrical spanish into english is quite a challenge! I tried my best to make sense and not go toootally off context. Also, late into the mixing portion of this entry, my ears were begging for a piano. I recorded it later on that day, and the camera settings really didn't favor the video. Ultimately I decided to leave it out. 

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Big shoutout to @luzcypher


Escóndete en los dientes de tu risa fría 

Te es cómodo brillar?

Con el paso que llevamos 

Bailaría satan

E impón la inteligencia en tu poligamia 

Si compartirse es normal. 

Si quisieras embarcarme, 

Costaría tu libertad. 

Si se dio aprovecha el abrazo,

 Si ya pasó no mires atrás


Está sucediendo en vida, 

date a probar 

Ay! Maga como si fueras una paradoja quiero 

Sumergirme entre tus páginas y comerme un libro

Que me tildes de sabiondo

 Si es que importa más tu luz.

 Quema como colilla en tu apogeo, 

Acercame más el rouge

Medialunas en vigilias En el medio de tu rue



Bury yourself in your grin

Is it comfortable to shine?
At the pace that we take
The devil might dance
And impose the intelligence in your polygamy
Because sharing is so normal.
If you wanted to embark,
It would cost your freedom.

If you can
embrace the advantage in the carress
If it happens, do not look back
Parable!Its happening  
give yourself a try

Oh! "Maga" as if you were a paradox I wish to
Immerse myslef in your pages and devour your book
Call me a know-it-all
As if your shimmer matters most.

Burn like cigarette butt at your peak,
Get me closer to the rouge
Late night half moons
In the middle of your street



Your production skills are dank as heck man. Another great entry. Where are you living where you need a winter coat and hat right now brother? I’m sweating my cohones off...

Scratch that. Obviously southern hemisphere. ;)

Hahahaha! Thanks man, its actually cold af over here. I'm currently in buenos aires. While you guys have summer we have winter. sigh Is it really that bad over there? You guys are getting pretty viral on memes lately lol!

It could definitely be a lot worse, im pretty glad i moved out of LA a few years back. Looks pretty brutal over there.

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Mucho flow si señor. Me flipa.


Dude, you got that groove right in the pocket. Nice. Made me stop Steeming and start dancing

Few people know I'm in fact a drummer! Thanks man!

Oye, me gusta y mucho.

Muuuchas gracias!!

Juan - this is an awesome song and production, brother! Nice!

You're welcome to participate and contribute to any extent you are inspired to do so for a forthcoming mega-collab... check the two mashup songs in the post link here to see if either of them resonate with you.

Hey man thanks!!

wao que calidad, cuanto talento hay aqui en esta plataforma, saludos @juanhobos lml te sigo

Excelente interpretación hermano, se escucha fantástico, saludos!!

Muy buena. ¿Cómo te consigo en Discord?