Steemit Open Mic - INVALID ENTRY - Week 71: Cover - Mercy Street - by Peter Gabriel

in #openmic4 years ago (edited)

Well, I recorded this song this morning before I read the new rules. My bad. So I do NOT have a VALID entry this week. But that is OK because I could not find my sunglasses so I did not show my face as planned anyway. But, I wanted to get this recorded because I feel like I might be getting sick. Anyway, this is one of my favorite songs by Peter Gabriel - Mercy Street. This version is very different than the original though. It is a one take deal with a mistake or two.

Mercy Street from ljv on Vimeo.

Thanks for listening!


That's a brilliant song and you did justice to its cover. Time to check out Peter Gabriel ;-)


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This is cool to know, thanks.

Cool version of this song.


Thank you!!

Nice rendition, man! Can't wait to see you with your shades on next week! :-)

Thanks man. Found them this morning but I am indeed sick. I imagine I should be better in time to post next week sometime though. Thanks again for the kind words.

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