Steemit Open Mic Week 69: Original Song: "Wicked"

in #openmic4 years ago (edited)

Hello All,

This original song is my first open mic submission. I get really nervous playing for others even in video. You can probably here this in my voice. I therefore have not shown my face, but I might in future weeks.

I recorded this with my IPAD so hopefully it sounds OK:

File Jan 22, 10 13 03 AM from ljv on Vimeo.

I have written over 100 songs, but this is one of the first times anyone will here one of them. We'll see how it goes.

And I really appreciate the opportunity. Anyone interested in this open mic event can find the post about it here:

Thanks, and thank you to the other people posting music. I have really enjoyed listening to all of the original songs and covers.


Really good maiden entry, man! You are miles ahead of many... never forget that... just let it all hang out, bro - do it from the heart like no one's listening or watching, and just let yourself shine, brother!

Thanks very much! I just followed you because it looks like you have even more things you are involved in for the steemit music community. I don't know where you find the time but thanks! I appreciate the encouragement. I've already grown in confidence (musically) more in the last two days because of this steemit community than in the last ten years.

There was a beautiful tune, I'm with you

Sounds really good to me. Congrats for giving it a try and if your other songs are this good I'de love to hear them.


Thank you. You are very kind.

just amazing. please make and introduce yourself for verification and put you face on camera. this can bring you huge amount of followers and upvote as well i am sure of it, have a nice time

Thanks! This is actually my first social media account. I think I need a few more posts under my belt before I put a full frame video out there.

Wow, I'm so jealous! you have a great voice, could easily be on the radio giving Ed a run for his money. I understand the nerves, I just forced myself over a couple of weeks to do it and now I am feeling better about my whole life - a little bit of positive feedback goes a really long way I guess, I just wake up feeling .. better. Thanks so much for sharing and I look forward to hearing more of your songs.

I am jealous of your electric skills. I wish I had your speed and tone. It is outstanding. Thanks. And who is Ed?

Sheeran lel

Wow, you have special voice! Mix of john mayer and eddie vedder.
I really liked it. Congratulation @ljv

Thank you so much!

wow really great voice and playing, you winning me over as it goes on, loving the lyrics. really great

Thanks so much!

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