Steemit Open Mic - Week 72 - Cover - Shankill Butchers

in #openmic4 years ago

I sort of showed my face this week. Also, I hooked up my USB mic instead of using my IPAD. I just went all out I guess. Any way, this is a cover of Shankill Butchers. It is a nice lullaby to sing to your children. I am kidding. Do not sing this to any children before bed!

Shankill Butchers from ljv on Vimeo.

Note: I say Shankhill Butchers instead of Shankill Butchers several times. I just can't help it.

Thanks for listening!


Nice cover, bro! Cool to put a face to your music, man - lookin' good, dude!

Thank you! Really appreciate the positivity as always.

Great cover me friend

Thank you!

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