Steemit Open Mic Week 54 - Howling by Ry X - Cover by lucybankssteemCreated with Sketch.

in #openmic3 years ago

My entry for open mic week 54!

A cover of Howling by Ry X, a favourite of mine.

I think I've sorted the sound problems with the microphone, its a shame I've got a cold though. But I hope you still enjoy



even your cold is beautiful! thank you for sharing such a haunting song :)

hahaha, a beautiful cold. Brilliant!! Thank you x

what a beauty! beautiful voice. I hope you win!

Thank you ever so much!!! (me too :D)

Pretty voice. Thanks for sharing your music.


you have a beautiful voice @lucybanks , ill be looking forward to checking out more of your entries. much success

Thank you @meno! It means a lot

amazing!!! i loved your cover!!

Although. this song is relatively new to me, your delivery of it was superb! excellent! Very nice vocals!

love your voice

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You've got me howling, Lucy! Love your vocals (cold or not) The way you look directly into the camera is rather captivating... Quite Nice!

Cool little song

wow @lucybanks thats awesome love it i wish one day we can collaborate

ahhh thank you @youngrockzy. good idea

I would love to see a video of both of you together, that would be amazing :)

wow love what am hearing

Dang lucy!! You brok the bank on this one!! Great performance of course.

This is amazing And Lovely Video

Nice voice. Followed you and great content! Have a nice day.

Thank you very much!!

Beautiful eh! You sound a little bit like the This is Kit should check em out :)

I had a look at them and the other 2 songs you suggested. I know of Feist but not This is the Kit or Tiny Ruins and I have to say - you've got very good music taste!
Been listening to them all day!

I used to run a little record label when I lived in Brighton so I was fortunate enough to spend s Lot of time finding stuff like these guys.
Try Stealing Sheep too :)

Waiting on your entry...

Oh yeah! I've heard Stealing Sheep, very good.

Haha, I've been listening to it and waiting for my cold to fully go so I can do it justice!

Nice cover but your voice is so beautiful.

Thank you my dear!

Wow...amazing voice you have...i like it very much...thanks

very good voice! love it !!! * Claps *

Thank you love!!

You are making waves with this thing I must say.

I like the face singing that song

Very soothing! Thanks Lucy ;) It's not the last time I am listening to this.

Another great performance from you, hope the cold is gone @lucybanks
I have included you in my judging post, check it out here below

very beautiful playing and voice. lovely work

Is this a hobby or a profession?