Steemit Open Mic Week 75 - See Who Played Open Mic PART ONE

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Steemit Open Mic is an online, live music venue to give musicians a chance to share their music with the Steemit community and get their music heard. It is growing larger every week thanks to all of you.

This week's entries have been split into three posts because we have so many entries that we broke the post size limit on Steemit!

This post is part one and this is

Steemit Open Mic Week 75 - See Who Played - Part 2

Steemit Open Mic Week 75 - See Who Played - Part 3

To see all the entries you'll have to go there too. The post was so big the website would not post it!

We had 498 entries this week of which 329 are valid entries! Awesome guys!

Not all of the entries are in these See Who Played posts. Only 257 of the best ones.

You can read more about why all of the entries are not in the See Who Played weekly posts by reading Steemit Open Mic Is About Building A Community Of Musicians On Steemit Not About Winning --- by @luzcypher

There have been a flush of new accounts downloading people's valid Open Mic entries, uploading them to a new YouTube account, and posting it as their own performance on their multiple Steemit accounts. Those will not be included and I have muted those accounts.

To the scammers doing this, muting your account means I will no longer see your posts so you are wasting yours and every one elses time continuing down that path. Yu will be flagged, reported to @steemcleaners, and banned from entering Open Mic.

We put a new rule in place that is designed to stop scammers, not singers as some people seemed to have interpreted this post.

New Rule For Entering Steemit Open Mic And The Open Mic Songwriters Challenge --- by @luzcypher

Please bear with us as we deal with this issue and keep Open Mic about building a musical community on Steemit worthy of the talent you bring to us each week.

@pfunk has been sponsoring Steemit Open Mic since I first started it and I want to give a big thank you to him and all the people who support and take part in Steemit Open Mic.

@pfunk is a Steemit witness and helps keep the platform working and you can vote for him here

Vote For Pfunk For Witness And Keep Steemit Open Mic Growing Strong We Need Your Help Now

Special thanks to @curie for selecting and supporting musicians who have entered Steemit Open Mic.

Special thanks to @ausbitbank for creating the new @openmic account and to all who funded it with +24,000 Steem Power


Tell us about your experience playing in Open Mic on Steemit

If you, like many others, have found participating in Open Mic to be a good experience that has helped you improve your musical skills and engage with other Steemians, we would like to ask you to make a short video answering a few questions and sharing your thoughts about Steemit Open Mic.

Voices Of Open Mic --- by @luzcypher

I just did an interview with David Packman you can listen to here. Steemit Interview: @luzcypher talks Steem community, SBD & STEEM, music on Steem --- by @davidpakman

Did you know that you can earn curation rewards while supporting musicians on Steemit? Read this to discover how.

How To Support Musicians On Steemit And Earn Curation Rewards By Following The Open Mic Trail --- by @luzcypher

My 10 Reasons Why Open Mic is Win-Win-Win Contest --- by @petrajordan

New Developments In The Open Mic Community On Steemit --- by @luzcypher

Songwriter Shop Talk Episode 6 Featuring Trevorpetrie --- by @meno

Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 4 Post Payout 1 Spotlight Artist Stock Footage Clip Music Video --- by @soundlegion

Steemit Musicians With Krystle Shane And Isaria Msp Waves Radio 30 Sbd Prize --- by @isaria

Steemit Talent Contest Week 8 Entries Now Open Hosted By Donnaincancun And Sponsored By Luzcypher --- by @donnaincancun

Horns Up Saloon Week 6 Performances --- by @lk666

Recipe For A Better World Using My Steem Platform And Rewards To Support Conscious Music --- by @kennyskitchen

Looking For Developers To Help Build A Dedicated Open Mic Website Built On The Steem Blockchain --- by @luzcypher

The cutoff date to enter however is 12.00 PM UTC Time (Friday, 9th March 2018). Find your UTC time here. Entries posted late will not be upvoted. We have about 100 people entering late and I do not have the time to explain the rules to you again so please read the post and get your entries in on time.##

Winners will be announced Monday, the 12th of March 2018.

Steemit Open Mic Week 75 Part 1

Steemit Open Mic is growing so fast that a lot of people are entering without really reading the rules so I want to do a little house cleaning for those entering the contest.

The bigger this grows the easier it is to miss someone's entry post so following these rules makes us see you have entered so we can upvote you.

For more on the rules read, What Are The Rules To Enter Steemit Open Mic And Why Do We Have Rules Anyways?

Steemit Open Mic is a live music contest and we need to know that you are really playing or singing us a song for this contest in particular. That's why to qualify for prizes you must say "Steemit Open Mic Week" (next week number) at the beginning of your video just before you play or sing the song. If you don't or if you edit in later onto a prerecorded performance you will not qualify for prizes.

If your song is an original song then you MUST put the word "original" in your title. Original songs get a small bonus right now and it is easier to find all the original songs with the word added in the title.

The next thing that is very important it to begin your title with "Steemit Open Mic Week (the current week number)" and place that as the first words of your title or I may not be able to find your post at all.

Here is a perfect example of a correctly titled post to enter Steemit Open Mic for an original song.

steemit open mic post titled correctly.png

This would be a perfectly titled post for a cover song entering the contest.

properly titled post for a cover song on Steeit .png

Theses posts are really easy to find in the feed and upvote them. They can easily be spotted so none of them get missed.

Also, @andybets from is working on a chart that is targeting those keywords to sort all entries by originals and covers.

It is SO cool and you can check it out with this sneak peak of the Steemit Open Mic Chart

NOTE: The order this chart lists the performances has no bearing on choosing the finalists. Just because a video is at the top doesn't mean they will win the contest.

Steemit Open Mic Week 75 performances are in and there's still time to vote for your favorites.

Great songs and performances this week. Have a listen to them below and be sure to show your support and upvote your favorites.

It's all in good fun and community spirit and I want to thank everyone for their enthusiastic support.

300 In Steem Prizes

  • There's still time to vote and enter.

  • Thanks to everyone who entered, upvoted, resteemed and helped support Steemit Open Mic.

Last Chance To Vote

There's still time to cast your vote until Sunday for this week's Open Mic Night entries.

The cutoff date to enter however is 12.00 PM UTC Time (Friday, 9th March 2018). Find your UTC time here. Entries posted late will not be upvoted. We have about 100 people entering late and I do not have the time to explain the rules to you again so please read the post and get your entries in on time.##

Winners will be announced Monday, the 12th of March 2018.

Two ways To Vote

  • You can vote by clicking on this week's contest page, scrolling down to the comments to find each performers link and vote for your favorite entry.

This weeks contest page is:

Vote On Each Contestant Page

Below are blog links to contestants who entered this week in the order they were entered


Holy wowsers!
Split into 3 parts this week!
You judges have been working overtime to get through so many!

My apologies for not entering this week. I’ve been time poor this week (need to find out your time management secrets), but also didn’t want you all to start getting sick of me already. Lol.
But probably just as well, seeings how many awesome entries you already had to sift through.

And just because I didn’t enter doesn’t mean I haven’t been listening to many amazing entries and voting and commenting on them.
That’s what it’s about, right?
Keeping our support for each other flowing and growing!
I hope all the other open mic entrants do that on weeks they haven’t participated in because this community shouldn’t all just revolve around yourself.
Keep supporting and giving the love!

Well done to everyone who entered, especially the original artist entries.

Keeping our support for each other flowing and growing!
I hope all the other open mic entrants do that on weeks they haven’t participated in because shouldn’t all just revolve around yourself.
Keep supporting and giving the love!

That is exactly what makes Open Mic so special. Musicians and music lovers supporting musicians are what gives it value like the rest of Steemit too. Sharing your music and supporting others music is where the magic is.

Listening to all these performances feels like I'm sitting right there in the room with you. Feels like I know you guys and I'm sure we're going to meet one day. Maybe at Steemfest 3 :)

I don't think we would ever get tired of hearing you and look forward hearing your next performance.

Naaaaw. Thanks mate (that was probably my nasty inner critic putting myself down. He’s back in the sin bin now. Lol). I’ll personally strive to make sure my entries are as enjoyable as possible.

Steemfest 3?!?!?! What is that? Is that a real-time meetup? You should do one in Australia sometime so all you northetn hemispherians have an excuse to come and enjoy some awesome down under vibes!

I now look forward to this every week.

My creativity has been jump started!

I have two new songs in the works that I want to debut on Open Mic.

I really feel blessed to have found the this outlet for my music and to discover other talent across the world.

Thank you everyone involved!

I'm happy you're feeling inspired to make music.

May Steem be with you.

Well, it feels nice to be among so many stars of music. I am so small among them. Grace for the honor you grant us to participate in wonderful contests./Bien, se siente lindo estar entre tantos astros de la música. Soy tan pequeña entre ellos. Gracia por el honor que nos concedes de participar en sendos concursos maravillosos.

Que genial, cada vez sera mas talento participando todos excelentes ♥
Ya grabe el de la semana 76 @lucypher pude cantar un tema de mi autoria aun sigo mal de una peste que me dio.

I am a beginner. please guidance you on this open mic. I am a musician with an acoustic guitar accompaniment.

The link above is one of my guitar playing recordings.

The video catalog keeps growing. It is an impressive library of musical talent. Thanks @luzcypher

I do not know your purpose @ luzypher

I do not know your purpose either.

That's amazing 😚

Musicians! A group of people who make the world basically go round. God bless you @luzcypher for anchoring this initiative which will go a long way in encouraging all the musicians we have around here

EN: Thank you so much for the oportunity to show my talent and share it with the world!, always participating, greetings and good vibes.

SP: Muchísimas gracias por esta gran oportunidad de mostrar mi talento y mi trabajo al mundo entero, de verdad lo aprecio mucho y siempre estaré participando, saludos y buenas vibras siempre.


Please my vote my ID @mohabat

valeria and myself are soo glad to participate in this familiar weekly reunion, feel´s really like a family music performance every week. in a big family house with friends, cousings, grandpa´s too, we are very glad and with a lot of joy to join to this amazing others musicians over the world :D bless and thanks a lot again, for us this is the real win win. a lot of others awesome songs and talent here, in the 3 part list lml :D a family blessed comunity

Muchísimas gracias @luzcypher por difundir y tomar en cuenta mi trabajo, espero poder llegar a muchos a través de ustedes y poder seguir ofreciendo mis ideas e interpretaciones. Espero que en algún momento mi trabajo sea merecedor de su reconocimiento y mérito para ser ganador, hasta entonces trataré de ofrecer buena música y mucho amor al hacer la música que me gusta! Un gran abrazo y gracias desde la Isla de Margarita, Venezuela!

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