Giveaway 1 - Santa Meno is coming to town bearing gifts for Steemian Guitarist

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   I’m feeling a little inspired by our brave leader @aggroed , so I decided to give this a go. Here is the deal, it’s no secret that I’m a musician, a bassist/guitarist who only lives because of music, so it makes sense to me to do something for the musician’s community of Steemit, something a bit crazy I don’t think anyone has done on the blockchain yet.

I’m giving away two Overdrive/Distortion Pedals for Christmas!


That is right, I very well may be a little crazy, but why the hell not? Who doesn’t need some overdrive for for the Holidays?

So what’s the deal? What are rules?

It’s quite simple, this is what you have to do.

  • Upvote / Resteem this post (we need to get all guitarists on this)
  • Share a Picture of your electric guitar in the comments
  • Write in a short paragraph what you believe Steemit can do for the Musician’s community
  • Include what is your new year's resolution, and what you are going to do to make steemit the best place for musicians to gather

And that is it!!!!

So... Who wins?

Quite simple as well, let your friends know you are participating of this giveaway, the comment that has the coolest guitar picture, and best writeup should (in theory) have the most upvotes from other users.

Long story short, the comment with the most upvotes wins the guitar pedal! by the way, shipping is on me too within Continental US. (arrangements can be made if you live outside the US)

What overdrive pedal am I giving away you ask?

In the first giveaway (yes there is a second giveaway to come) the overdrive pedal will be none other than:

mission eng germanium.png


I know the question that is in your mind... has @meno lost it? Yes... a long time ago, but don't worry about it, everyone around me is used to it by now.

Some features of this amazing pedal:

  • Mission Tri-Stage distortion ranging from boost to overdrive to fuzz
  • All analog audio path
  • Isolated digital bypass. Fast and quiet switching with soft touch button
  • Hi and Lo range EQ controls
  • Compatible with wide range of instruments
  • Can be placed anywhere in signal chain
  • All aluminum construction, weighs just 12oz

When this post expires in 7 days, we will tally up the upvotes on the comment section and declare the Winner!!!! Yusss!!!

Feel free to share this on facebook, on twitter, if you have a friend who is a musician and has been on the fence about getting on Steemit, tell him about this crazy dude giving away stuff!!!

He/she won't resist and will come join our amazing community! we need to get all the musicians in here!

What are you waiting for? Get to writing!!!!

Much love

meno logo.png


palnet banner.gif


Here is my Gibson Menace, my precious...

Truthfully I think steemit has already done a lot for the music community already. It has brought us together, got us talking about music, got me practicing more often. Many who have been playing at home or have been in the shadows are now emerging, are now collaborating... Something great is brewing, the best is yet to come!
For 2018 I'll be helping out in whichever way I can, putting my energy on creating, collaborating, discovering and getting people to show their talent and try out new styles of music.

Great big thanks to you @meno for giving your 100% to promote steemit musicians, getting guitarists from all over the world the opportunity to show off their gear and get discovered! Plus have a chance to get an awesome xmas gift under their tree!


Phil-o-ram-a Guitarist of the century. Collab king! Keep rockin' my friend!

Here's my Bitch, Santa MenO, this is my fav guitar of mine, and the only one I have!!!


It's a second or third hand 2002 American Standard Strat that I bought when I was in the UK.
I don't have a stand nor a good camera so I can't take any sort of professional photos here.

I think Steemit is an amazing opportunity for small bands or single musicians to make connections and fund their works, the music industry has changed dramatically in the last decades, and platforms like these are absolutely vital.
I love how you can interact with incredibly talented musicians, I found songs here that I'm listening over and over, and I love that there's even the opportunity to make collabs with them.
The music community on Steemit is a giant workshop of awesomeness.

My greatest desire for 2018 is to be able to reunite my band again, to work on what we left unaccomplished and to document the process on Steemit, that would be a dream.
I would LOVE btw to write and produce some songs togheter as you MenO proposed already...That's a pretty exciting sick shit!!!

This this guitar God! He rocks the collabs!

Bucky I'm far from being a God but you're a Champ buddy!!

Nice Strat!

Live looks nicer but you get the idea!

This is my colection of guitars. I couldnt just show one. I think steemit is a great platform for musicians to connect and share there ideas, music, etc... You don't have to be great just love what you do. And from what I have witnessed there is a ton of open minded, talented, and awesome people on here! This next year I plan on being more active on the musical end of steemit. Still pondering on ideas that will help out.

Yusss!!! I got a guitar collection of my own.. I See Epi's and Ibanez.. is that right ?

There is a epiphone les paul nightfall, two schecters one seven one six a jackson warrior and a 80's model krammer!

No fair! I’m not at the studio to photograph all the rest of my guitars. That being said, besides my 90s LP Studio below, they are mostly pretty boring. Notable exception: my fender prodigy, an exact match for Tim Lash (of space rock originators Hum) main axe.

Right on! Hey a guitar is a guitar!

And that's only HIS guitars in our house!!!! There's three more acoustics, a few basses, another old electric, a classical acoustic, and a uke! Haha! We love music stuffs!!!

Here's a picture of my brand new (used) Gretsch Electromatic. I just got it a few months ago and it really got me back into playing guitar every day.

I think the biggest thing Steem/Steemit can do for the music community is offer a real source of funding. The community is great and the comments/feedback offered is extremely valuable, but for touring musicians money is a real problem. When I was playing in a band our only source of income were from shows or selling merchandise (which came with a hefty upfront cost). Being able to fund your favorite musicians with an upvote rather than giving them money outright is a gamechanger. Fans will be more likely to give, the musician will have a new source of income, and allows the artists to be more transparent in almost every way. I'm very excited about the benefits steemit can provide AND i'm doing my best to recruit some musicians to the platform (the count is at 3 so far 👍)

My new years resolution for 2018 is to contribute to the #openmic contest more often. I would like to have an entry at least once every other week, but hopefully every week. Openmic was a big reason I started using steemit and it both got me acquainted with the platform and improved my guitar-playing skills a lot!

Happy Holidays!!!

Man that is a sweet Axe, I don't like setting up a guitar with a Bigsby, but i do love their sound!!!

“Being able to fund your favorite musician with an upvote is a gamechanger.” = all the yes/why I’m going bonkers over this site. No more .10 payouts for 60k Spotify plays!!!!

My "perfect session rig" ( that doesn't really exist hahaha ) . With my tribe classic tele and a fender amp I know everything will be all right!

As a professional musician Steemit has brought to me a platform to share my music and whatever I have learned and discovered with my instrument and production situations. I am a very passionate teacher , because I believe that whatever we learn along the way we have to give back , music and art in general is all about sharing , so I'm very happy to have found a place where I can share. Also through the open mic and songwriting challenge I have been pushing myself to write new material. This is such a joy since I've had writer's block for quite some time and I feel like I'm slowly overcoming that wall.

My resolution for 2018 . I'm going to release my album , it's been in the works for a couple years and I haven't been able to get around it. Through steemit I feel motivated to finally wrap it up. I will finish it for 2018 and release it through this platform! Also I'm gathering quite a lot of musicians from here Buenos Aires , I know we will be able to do some interesting stuff , keep this growing!

Happy holidays to everyone! Cheers!

I like the amp as much as I do the guitar!

thank you @amberyooper , they are quite a team :p

esa es la veridica meniskoso!

jajajaja la mata tigre. Esa y la Cordovez strat ;)

Total sweetness.

thank you bro :)

Here is a glamour shot of my 1964 Holiday Stratotone that I am currently detailing for an upcoming Steemit post.
I believe that Steemit is already doing amazing things for musicians already involved in this remarkable community, and that it will only continue to grow. From burgeoning artists finding their voice in an amazingly encouraging environment, to working artists that are getting an innovative form of crowd funding for continuing their dreams and goals.
In 2018, I resolve to become more involved in all aspects of Steemit. From following more artists, to Making more posts. The potential here is simply too great to not foster and encourage it, both on a personal level, and in the community at large.

I go bonkers for vintage guitars.... is the pup on this original?

Cool idea! Here's my Yamaha RGX A2 I bought this guitar years ago because it was extra light and I had a bad shoulder at the time:)

I think Steemit will give me the incentive to post videos of me playing music. It's much easier than performing in a physical open-mic and people from all around the world can be your audience. Very cool and the opportunity of some coin is a bonus.

My resolution is to play more and post in the Steemit community.


I've actually played that model before..... sweet guitar!!


Here I have the majestic ESP Eclipse. It's not mine but its the one I use at the moment.

Steemit has been a great platform for not only just musicians but also for all the creators, writers, photographers or anyone who has something to say. It has a very supportive and more importantly encouraging community, where people can freely express their passion and views.

Being a professional musician myself, I feel like it has helped me to identify and express the musical ideas which I normally wouldn't have. For example, the Openmic music contest has brought a new side of me which in reality was there all along. I am a drummer but I do enjoying playing guitar, singing and writing songs. So, all of my life I have been doing this in my room but never thought I'd be posting or sharing this with others as I was not really sure if it was good enough. But Steemit and the Openmic has been so amazing that, I actually look forward to covering or writing songs, feel happy to sing and express what I want to. And I am having so much fun!

So, Steemit has the potential to bring out the best of all musicians and thats a statement I stand by.

My new years resolution is to keep writing music. Hopefully record some of my stuff. And will be doing some recordings of the bands/projects I'm involved at the moment.

Lastly, I will try my best to educate musicians about steemit and the amazing platform it provides. I will try and post musical ideas, songs or anything I feel that musicians can benefit with. Also, will be checking out, upvoting and encouraging fellow steemians so that we all can have a great time here.

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks Santa @meno ;) for this amazing giveaway!

Those EMG's can kill a small animal! its a sweet guitar brother, is this one MIJ?

Thanks man! It sure is a really nice guitar. Not entirely sure if it's MIJ but I think it might be.


Here are my babies!

This year Steem has proven that it is a very effective means to provide additional funding for my music career. More importantly it has introduced me to a strong and positive music maker community. I've been so inspired by so many artists here and the spirit of positivity and creativity. Most importantly it has inspired me to create music continually and dive past my creative lows and still produce some thing of value. Steemit is a game changer and I will shout about it always from the highest mountain or soapbox!!

This new years for 2018? More creativity each week more posts and sharing of others in the community. Lets all make this a great 2018!!!

My first guitar was a strat... as much as I love all instruments, it always feels home when I play one... What amp is that... Genz Benz?

Ha, no I wish. Its a cheap but decent "acoustic" for my classical guitar and voice. The other amp is a an old washburn bad dog. Obligatory MIM Strat, well loved!

I have no intrest in winning this because it would go to waste with me, I don't play the guitar, however, this is really nice of you to do and thanks for having a contest for the community.

Thank you for the kind words brother!


This is a picture of my 2008 PRS 513. I got this guitar used this time last year, and have fallen in love over the many hours of use. The coil taps allow for the bridge and neck to be either a single coil, a humbucker, or a hot humbucker which gives me a lot of tone to work with.

This is my first time on Steem and my mind is a little blown. Going through to open mic posts i see so much talent, and i see so many good opportunities for advice from more seasoned musicians to more amateur musicians. Its so exciting to see such a receptive, engaged, and giving community of musicians on here. The open mic is like busking from your bedroom to an audience all around the world. Steem offers the opportunity for people with influence to help young musicians gain confidence, and gain a little bit of money that could be eventually put into gear. There are also opportunities like this one which is super awesome, i hope to see more contests/giveaways like theses and eventually do some myself.

My goal in 2018 is to get involved... i can't wait to post some of MY music into the open mic here. I want to eventually post every week. that way i can keep myself accountable with my practicing, My other goal is to learn to play the saxophone and to post that journey on here.

Ps. This is so exciting, that overdrive pedal looks like a treat

welcome to Steemit brother... well the #openmic community is doing a hostile takeover and we need good people in our ranks. I'm happy you are here...

cheers mate

What do you mean by a hostile takeover?

In the best way possible of course.. I would love for nothing more than musicians leave facebook, reverbnation and all those other platforms that take, take and give little to nothing back to the musicians who make their content.

I would love for as many guitarists, songwriters, producers, etc etc to find out about us, about the power of blockchain, the possibilities for us to not only focus on making art but also get compensated for doing so.

I call it hostile, because they won't go down without a fight, but in the end what I want is for all musicians to come here, that is all.

Barely a guitarist. Barely....but I do have pretty well-researched tastes in guitars to hand to folks in the studio I run. Cut to this ‘94 les paul studio I picked up for aforementioned studio super duper cheap, moments before it received the bbq bucker....which after strenuous and solder intensive comparison we’ve deemed the single best thing you can do to a paul. Fun fact: 1990-1995 lp studios are made from exactly the same bodies as the standards and customs, making them about the best entry point lp for the money....affectionately known as the “good wood years.” /beavislaugh

As far as what I see steem doing for musicians... well don’t get me started. I’m the drummer of Maserati, a space rock krautrock influenced band from Athens, ga. Between that and my other projects I’m responsible for generating hundreds of thousands of plays a month across few platforms, predominantly Spotify and YouTube. My last Spotify check was for just north of $3.50. Furthermore I have next to no connection with anybody streaming our music. From my perspective, the music industry has long favored those who control the distribution. It’s not that l feel the people with the idea, hustle and infrastructure for a platform like Spotify shouldn’t be compensated for their is just preposterous they should make 99 percent of it. Decentralizing the music industry and using a platform like steem to reward those of us with both creative talent -and- hustle in a direct and community based way....that sounds like some sort of future dream reality. Could not be more excited to feel like I’m still (hopefully) early to the party.

New Years resolution: become the most well known eurorack with live drumming electronic musician on steemit. As far as i can tell, the current population of said genre is 0, so I’m pretty sure the content I’m slaving over right now will take a second to get legs. Still...beyond excited to see it live!


Double fun fact, this comment finally got me to figure out how to post images on here. 👍

love the guitar... you still gotta do two more requirements for me my friend, just edit this post ^^^ and write your thoughts.

Done and done. Resolution #2: read more before typing.


Here's my beast.

Steemit will be the ideal place for musicians if all the musicians we recruit are as enthusiastic as the ones I've seen thus far. I'm going to continue to post metal heaviness, it will be so heavy and massive that the gravity alone will attract new musicians to Steemit!

Woo! Let's bring that metal to Steemit, dude! 🤘 Can't wait to hear it!

Nice Axe brother... listen Louis I have a serious question... can you be true metal with short hair? can it be done???

Ask the the front-man from meshugga!

Yeah right!!

Hey @meno!! The metal is in the flesh, in the veins....! Not in the hair dude... And yes!! We can be a true metal guys with short hair! Hahaha!

thank you for being awesome and generous, love~


Thanks for this Meno - a great idea!

This is currently my favourite guitar, frankensteined from 2 cheap China made strat copies with scallops and a general fret tidy up. I installed a 2nd hand rail pickup in the bridge position and changed the hardware to gold coloured Wilkinson/Ebay parts. Really happy with how it sounds and plays and although I just bought a brand new RG370 this is still the guitar I didn't know I was looking for.

As for this community and what I intend to do for it.... well, I am so new here I am still figuring some things out - but my plan is to provide content - instructional/educational and hopefully inspirational. All the things I wish other platforms would do are already happening here, guitar players jamming over other players tracks, competitions, community and people sharing the love of music.

My new years resolution, is to track down a VLD1 from Carvin, but Australia didn't seem to get any and I am having noooooooooo luck so far. If it was easy though, it wouldn't be worth it.

I don't want to win this competition but I want to support you and all others that go out of their way to promote music and the guitar in particular.

Rock on!

Start slow, use a metronome :P

My first guitars was made with Chineseum parts and Ioved it.. and miss it to this day... are those single coils or are they noiseless.

I kind of like the unusual look of the guitar, to be honest... it does remind me a bit of the RG's

The bridge is a "hot rail" style humbucker, the other two are Wilkinsons that came with the guitar. I am a Vai/Ibanez fan, hence the coloured knobs/covers :D My next guitar is the RG421 MOL - will arrive in a couple of weeks.

Here's my Music Man Steve Morse!!! My war horse!!

In short, I think Steemit is going to revolutionize the music industry. Already here in my country (Venezuela) Steemit is not only a possible financial solution, it is also a platform that allows you to have a voice that will be heard in all parts of the world! My resolution for the year 2018 is to give the best of me in each post demonstrating a small part of the talent that is emerging in Steemit, and help all new talent like me to make Steemit a better platform!

I have a Steve Morse on my list of guitars I need to own one day... great guitar from one of the most underrated guitarist IMO out there.

Love the picture... super ninja

Believe me bro in the beginning I don't be interested by this awesome guitar. This beauty has been receiving dust and sun every day in the shop I'm worked. But one day I decided to take a look and BOOM!! She and I make that connection.... Becoming one! The sound, the confort in all ways, the feel that all you can do sounds right.... I recommend this part of me with my eyes close!! So when you have the chance, don't hesitate and be one with this GREAT guitar!! Thank you so much, hahaha! I just want an original picture and my wife came with the ninja idea! Thanks again for this awesome gift Santa @meno. Blessings bro!

Great contest @meno you're awesome! Just loving all these guitar pics! Beautiful guitars!!!

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Very cool @meno. Merry Christmas Santa Meno!

Merry Christmas to you too my brother... your present is in the mail, you should get it soon! ;)

@beatseb, you need to hit this up! (hopefully, he's got notifications turned on)

How awesome!!! Happy holidays to you! 🤘

Thak you and same to you!! are you going to participate btw? Its a great ninja level chance of scoring a badass guitar pedal!

Well I only play acoustic but I'm going to get my husband @hangrydwarf to enter. If he can pick just one of his many guitars... Haha!

This is a picture of my 2008 PRS 513 i got it used this time last year and i have loved it loads since. This is my first time on Steemit and it is mindblowing to look through past open mic posts. Having an outlet to share music to such a receptive, interested, and giving community is super special. It's like busking for everyone... from those who are still learning, to those who live and breath music. Having a wide range of talent post to the open mics is inspiring. I can't wanit to start posting MY musical adventures into the open mic.

My 2018 new years resolution is to get involved in the steemit open mic every week. Im sure it will be a way to get good feedback and to grow as a musician. and it will be a way to hold me accountable when im practicing. guitar/sax. Ps. This giveaway is so exciting. that pedal looks like a treat.

This is one heck of a cool contest! It's pretty awesome of you to do this!

hello Amber, this place inspires us to be kind to each other doesn't it?

It does indeed! I've recently helped out a couple of newbies that weren't getting any notice. I thought their stuff was pretty good so I resteemed their posts and gave them some bigger than normal votes, not that I have all that much to give... That whole MSP thing sneaks into your system and get's you to do nice things for other people. :-)

Great project @meno! Keep up the great work!

thank you buckster! Merry Xmas and happy new year brother

If I can enter with a picture of a bass, with the understanding that if I win, ill buy a guitar, let me know. Awesome contest.

My new years resolution is to... get a guitar? This is my bass. It is abused and not played as much as it should be, to be honest. My new years resolution is to... play more, and get a guitar? I also plan to do my best to eat healthier and get more exercise.

Steemit has the potential to do for artists, the same potential it has for anything. It is a way for people with similar interests to collaborate and grow. It is a blockchain that interfaces with the human blockchain, and for that reason it is a very interesting blockchain, indeed.


That's a fine looking 5 string bass!