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RE: Steemit Open Mic Week 109: How Could I Ever Love Anybody Else (Original Song) Dino Romanelli

in #openmic3 years ago

I think it's easier to write about sadness. But when there is a strong motive that makes us happy, it is certainly easy to write something optimistic. It's great that you've made it easy to write something so good. It's a very good piece, friend. The arrangements of the song are very good. It feels good to hear the song. Only harmony, rhythm, fills your chest with hope.

This part of the song "But now I have you and you have freed me My eyes are wide open Now I can see." It has made me value the experience that I am living with my current partner. Thanks to her I can now see, and it has saved me from myself. Bright, and beautiful handwriting. Congratulations. Greetings.


This comment makes me most happy. You absolutely get it! And never take what you have found with your partner for granted. Always remember what makes it special and hold onto that, through easy times...and when times are hard. Thank you, brother!

Thanks to you, for this excellent composition. I really understand the lyrics of your song. And I'm very happy to find her.

Never let her go. And never take what you have for granted, my friend!

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