Steemit Open Mic Week 73 - Serenade

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Hello all,
For this week’s open mic, I present ‘Serenade’ by composer Philip Rosheger. I first heard this piece on an 11-string guitar, for which it is commonly performed. Since I don’t have an 11-string, we have to settle for six. Nonetheless, it still works out well. Hopefully the few fingering issues I had do not detract too much from the musical beauty of the piece.


It is a lovely theme with variations. I like that D bass. Wondewrful :)

Thank you, my friend!

Thanks again for the support!

So gorgeous. Such a rich guitar sound. Can't help but hear "Oh when the saints.." :) Thanks for sharing!

Haha... never thought of the “saints” when I play it. But now, will never forget about it. :) Thanks for listening!