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RE: Steemit Openmic Week 47 - [Original Song] - Turn Back Time

in #openmic4 years ago

Just woken up here... (UK) and hell, that one definitely brought me round! 👏👏👏 Fast moving stuff. Couldn't agree more with the comment regarding incomplete work. It's too easy to lose that initial inspiration once you have the draft set down. Keep at it mate. I also look forward to hearing the finished version. 👍


Thank you kind Sir, I appreciate you swinging by.

And Ya, if you don't capture the initial magic you might lose it as you slave over a song. In the end, u might have a finished trk, however it doesn't feel or translate the same. Sometimes those expressions through music are fleeting and you have to record it while it's fresh.

Since these are demos, I can at least capture the spirit of the tune for later. When I re-work it or choose to make a solid studio version, it's easier to get back there with a reference.

The track I made "Sense of Taste" for @soundlegion 's Steemit Artist Music Vol 1. was one of these demos tracks for openmic and it seemed to turn out pretty good as the studio version! Pretty different all be it.

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