Steemit Open Mic Week 56 - Beck - Morning (Cover)

in #openmic3 years ago

I'm Beck

Its time for another week of steemit openmic and I will sing you a song that calms me down everytime I hear it. It's Beck and his beautiful melodically perfect song Morning. Yes it is Beck that sang I'm a looser baby in his younger years. I love his new stuff now.

Here it is ;) Enjoy


nice cover my friend, great having you play for us, nice job

Thank you! Thats really nice :)

;) Ďakujem

uz ani nemate taku tmu :) vidis hned aj viac peniazkov zarobis :)

Nejde ani o tie peniažky, ako o ten pocit . A hlavne som rád, že sa mi aj podarilo niečo tento týždeň nahrať, lebo minulý som to proste nedával :)

Great job brother! Im super biased cuz I love this song... but you did it justice! cheers and much successs

Thank you @meno, very very much! ;)

this is cool but it will be good if you can put ur steemit link on ur youtube wall

Good point thank you. I will do that :)

awesome song boss..

awesome song boss

this is cool but it will be good if you can put ur steemit link on ur youtube wall

Sounds great man!


Thanks ;) Feels great when you say it!

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Sounds great man!


Nice. Good luck 🙂

No problem. Keep being awesome! 🙂

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