Steemit Open Mic Week 66 - Living Your Dream - Original

in #openmic3 years ago

This is a song I wrote many years ago, but hadn't recorded until now. The lyrics are mostly conceptual, and not based on any actual events, although pretty relatable if you live in this staggeringly expensive world. Instead of trying to further analyze it, how about we just get to the song.

She works nights and weekends,
taking lip from the locals and their friends
Trying to make ends meet
At the end of the night, she counts coin,
hoping to make cab fare
Thinking aloud, it's anything but fair
That's she's living this scene
Instead of living her dream

Sweat from his brow stings and blinds him
He's too used to the pain to mind it,
Thinking, "this ain't me"
But it's debt to another man that binds him
He's got monthly mail to remind him
That life ain't free
He should be living his dream
He should be living his dream

A thousand miles from home,
without a dime to spare
Thinking one of these days,
I'll be a millionaire

You should be living your dream
Thanks for listening!



i really like your song thom, thank you

Thank you! Hoping to be more active here in 2018.

beautiful song Thom!!

Thanks, Matt! Always a pleasure hearing your stuff. I take yours as a high compliment!

Nice one, Thom!

Thank you! I thought I might give the original stuff a go. :)

very nice song my friend thanks for playing this for us

Nice tune, kinda got a Red House Painters vibe off it..

I take that as a great compliment. Funny thing, I was just listening to RHP after recording this. Hadn't listened to them in years.