Steemit Open Mic [Week 93]-*Original*-'With You'

in #openmic3 years ago

Been feelin' a little sick lately but here's my late entry, regardless, I think it came out pretty swell! I took some guitar and ran it through the vinyl emulator on my sp404 to get a really nice tone.
Finishing the trifecta of sadness, hah. It's done so expect some demo's of my 3 tracks once I get recorded up ;]

Appreciate you!

Don't let your light burn just out yet
Before we find out what we get
For she saw us as mirrors
My perceptions fine tuned, to her conjecture

Was it these spirits
For simply forgetting
All of the rules of loss and living
Cant get too close now
Where is your head gal
I'm starting to feel
But cant get all too real
With you

Remember when you felt the tension
That's something i could never imagine
Our hearts ran tired and ragged
Well You've found your place girl while im stagnant

Its part of the rulez of loss and living
No one is close now
This stops been shutdown
Im starting to feel
But cant get all too real
With you


Freshh n sadd, u know ma bro. This is one of the best sounds I've found in the open mic... Repost.

Your lights, art!!


Thanks bestfriend=] keep it steezy

Cool sounds, brother! Nice!
Looks like you might have missed the cutoff for week #93, but I'm glad to see that this post is doing so well!

I was off by 2 hours...musta been my fever throwing me off, lol! I sent u a msg btw!

Really great sound, brother! Nicely done!

Appreciate it! My new song is up now=]

Shame it got in late, but definitely enter next week, it's such great music. ♥ I love it.

I knowowow=/ my fever made me forget upload times! My new vid is up tho✌
Thanks for listening!

Hi tribedownsouth,

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This sounds really good. You did miss the cutoff time for the weekly post though. Please try to get your post in earlier next week. The cutoff time is posted in the weekly rules post. Glad it trended anyway.

The cutoff date to enter is 12.00 PM UTC Time (Friday, 13th July 2018). Find your UTC time here. Entries posted late will not be upvoted. Please read the post and get your entries in on time. Week 94 begins June 15th and ends the July 20th 12PM UTC Time.

New one is up, 2 days early instead of two hours late, haha

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