Steemit Open Mic [Week 97] *original* | Gremory - [//i.s.a.a.c.]

in #openmic3 years ago

Original stuff for yah!

Thanks for listening, I appreciate your time. This one is about being at absolute bottom, losing your sanity to anxieties/worries and kind of going a little crazy before coming out stronger for it and letting go. People like joji as pink guy, lofi music and time have brought me to the other side and I am grateful for the experience.

Are you weary, are you okay?
Is it safe to say you're outta place?
From this space?
Once you've seenbthe center of your soul,
A triggered finger starts to take control.

Are you scared to say my name?
Cuz once it's done, everything will change
From worse or better
Are you feeling some type of way, when the crimson red fathoms you a new escape?
A reason to stay, a reason to play, with my emotions

Are you tired of this mundane?
A simple soul is needed for exchange, to take my place
You've graced the presence and felt the red, if not for me then you'd be fkin dead.

Appreciate you!


Nice, bro...
I'm down with this out of the gate...

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