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RE: Witness Voting, OpenSeed and OpenLink

in #openseed11 months ago

Andrew, good to see you bounce back mate. I knew as soon as STINC announced austerity measures and laid a bunch of people off that you and the few others left would find themselves doing the work of multiple people for the same pay. I have been there myself and you're lucky it didn't burn you out because the aftermath of continual exhaustion is not pretty.

The community has your back 110% and I just voted in your proposal. I think you'll find you will have no problem getting the support that you need. You should speak with @aggroed and see if there is some overlap with what he is spearheading with Steem Engine, as well. I've been leading the front-end efforts there, but there might be some possibilities to link up and combine efforts on some pro-steem initiatives.