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RE: Witness Voting, OpenSeed and OpenLink

in #openseed10 months ago

I like you, but I do not see how roadscape, gerbino and least of all vandeberg need you for anything.

You were 'head of communications' for how long ?
I do not see any result of your work, anywhere.

If the other 3 started logging their monthly progress in a public blog, they'd communicate more with us, than you have the last 3 years.

I'd say you have done nothing but fluff talk, but you did not even talk, man !
Sweet-talking ned and the secret slack is not communication.

I do not think steem needs you or eli to proceed from here.


Fortunately your opinion is irrelevant :) That being said, of course Steem does not need me. I need Steem.

Fortunately your opinion is irrelevant :)

Yeah, I'd fire you instantly :D
And then invite you to steak dinner.

Fortunately your opinion is irrelevant

OOohhh, not good communication

I thought it was just me thinking this...

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