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RE: Witness Voting, OpenSeed and OpenLink

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Hi everyone
I’m sort of new to steemit and only joined when Tron purchased the platform as I’m a Tron investor and soon to be a steem investor. I don’t really know what’s going on but been reading through everyone’s comments to try and get a clearer picture. What I do know is steemit is very important to Tron and the Tron investors and not something that will be sold off to make money on. Trons is building a eco system where everything you will ever need be under one roof. From file sharing to storage, from online streaming to trons own version of YouTube and now we have a social media platform to rival Reddit. Would be nice if Tron developed one app where all this can be integrated. So I do think it’s in safe hands and will have unlimited resources thrown at it to develop the platform.


Do you like decentralization?

I do and that’s why I got into crypto many years ago. What isn’t right is freezing someone’s account. What would you do if the government froze your bank account ? You would kick off

Do you prefer centralization?

joeyarnoldvn Decentralization is when no one can influence your money.

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