Thank you!

"I do hope that real people don't lose out in this big dick contest."

So do I, but I think in reality they have already lost.

Have you ever taken a close look at the profiles of some of these Witnesses and high-reputation members such as @themarkymark and @buildawhale? The last time I looked, @themarkymark had approximately $135,000.00 US in his account, and was taking in $1000s. How much do you think the average Steemit member has in their account? My best is less than $50, if that. Unfortunately, while the initial concept may have been good, albeit a non-sustainable business model, Steemit is now nothing more than a bad joke! I only wish that there was some way to take the Steem away from those like @themarkymark and return it to its rightful owners. Hopefully Justin Sun (Tron) can fix this mess, otherwise Steemit's remaining time is no doubt quickly coming to an end.

Thanks again for the great dialog. Perhaps we can meet again on Whaleshares. :)

Good luck to you also!

That would be cool. If you need an account I can make you one instantly. Chris Bird- profanereviews#2542 is my discord

Thanks! Actually I just signed up! Same ID as here. It says that I have to wait upto 24 hrs to be setup. Oh well. :)

Sweet. I approved it and it just needs one more witness approval so should be good. There is a Whaleshares community that was just started here as well. Before you get started there you might want to have a look through here because it can be pretty confusing when you come from Steemit. I will keep an eye out for you and shoot you a bit of stake so you will have enough daba to do a decent intro post if you want. I just bought a bunch more WLS to power up pods and shit. so I don't mind helping new people out if they're keen to interact with the platform.

Well, I've had a chance to delve into the workings of Whaleshares, and to say the least, I am very disappointed. In many ways, I can't say that it is any better than Steemit, and in someways, it's a lot worse. Whaleshares has the same old witness structure as Steemit, and the same ridiculous 13-week power down requirement. On top of that, posts are only rewarded by those who choose to spend their own money to tip their authors. Why anyone would ever want to do that is totally beyond me.

But regardless of its structure, Whaleshares has virtually no members to speak of, and over half its witnesses have already left the platform. Thanks, but no thanks! There are much better and more enjoyable ways to waste one's time and money.

Three more weeks for my Steemit power-down to be completed, and I'm totally done with blockchain forums. They are not for me!

Thanks again for all your help, and good luck to you.

That's fine if you don't want to be a part of it but why would you assume that you have to spend your own money on it? That's a pretty quick look you took if that was all you took from it. Also, it is definitely not the place for you if you are just looking for free money.

I'm not aware of any place on this planet which offers free money. All money comes with a price of some kind...with very few, if any exceptions!

What I did notice however was just how few members Whaleshares appears to really have. My estimate is less than 1000 active members...yes, just 1000. In fact, there have been very few posts from anyone within the past few days. Also, I had my account setup for less than 10 minutes when I received my first follower. Some idiot by the name of "fuckit"! Really? And to make matters even worse, that idiot is also listed as a Witness. And I thought Steemit was a cesspool. The fact of the matter is that without a centralized system, and reasonable censorship to control such trash, none of these blockchain forums will ever survive. They are just cesspools where very few decent people will ever stay for long once they see all the garbage. So if that's your style, have fun, but as for me, I'll take a pass.

That's for the best, I would say. I just had a quick look at your content and I don't think you would be well received. I also see why you are getting flagged here. To each their own.

FYI fuckit probably has more integrity in his little finger than you have in your whole body. I think that before you start judging others with absolutely no clue what you're talking about, you should get your own mind right.

On top of that, posts are only rewarded by those who choose to spend their own money to tip their authors.

Pa.treon posts are only rewarded by those who choose to spend their own money (on subscriptions) and that seems to be working out pretty well for them!!

While that is certainly true, I hope that you are not trying to compare the content posted on Patreon with the crap posted on Steemit or Whaleshares, or with their overall structures. There is simply no comparison! Neither Steemit nor Whaleshares can ever hope to be even 10% as good as Patreon.

There is some genuinely high-quality-original-content on the steem blockchain.

If the trending page was ranked by actual total contributions from "subscribers" or "contributors" (either by steem-delegations or direct transfer tips or some combination) instead of the current metric of "free upvotes", then I believe the rankings would be a much better indication of quality.

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