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RE: Witness Voting, OpenSeed and OpenLink

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I wish all of you the best!

I don’t think this proposal system is a good plan, however. Product design by committee is a doomed idea. People in groups generally only actively commit support to things that are very much like things they already know and understand: things that already exist.

That falls apart when building entirely new things that haven’t existed before.

I hope you can make it work; I have no doubts about you guys, but the system you seem to be attempting to work within will probably not sustain innovation. Maybe along the way you will find a better way.

Either way, I wish you well and the best of luck. :)


Hey Sneak, good to see you again. If you're talking about the OpenSeed proposal, we're just going to give those funds right back to the community. It's more about validating the concept with our customers (Steemians) and incentivizing community contributions with free money. I agree, no products should be designed by committee and your business model should never be dependent on an unreliable source of revenue. I've learned a few things from you and from my time at Steemit ;) The SPS should be used to pour gasoline on a sound business model. It is not even a consideration in our business plan.

Most importantly, thanks for the well-wishes :)

I guess it depends on who is in the committee doing the voting.

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