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On the contrary, I see that getting rid of existing Steemit witnesses is a very good fact, one of the best things to happen to Steemit in a very long time. It's long past time for Steemit Witnesses like @themarkymark and his lousy sidekick @buildawhale to be removed because they and their band of criminals have turned Steemit into nothing more than a cesspool of fraud and corruption, stealing money from the vast majority of naive Steemit members while at the same time filling their own greedy pockets.

The day that the last Steemit Witness is removed will be the first day of Steemit's rebirth...and a new beginning.

The only problem I see is that Steemit Witnesses have not had their Steem Accounts forfeited, and the money they stole returned to its rightful owners...the Steemit community. If members truly care about Steemit, the absolute best thing they can do is to remove their votes for the old Steemit Witnesses, and not try to keep them. Keeping such low-life scumbags will ensure that Steemit will go out of business.


Show me where the witnesses touched you.

Check any of my posts or comments! You will find that most if not all of them have been down-voted by @themarkymark and sometimes a number of his associates, such as @buildawhale. (AKA's).

But in any event, among other things, witnesses are suppose to set a good example for the rest of the Steemit community, but instead some like @themarkymark launch their own personal campaigns of retaliation against anyone who crosses them the wrong way. I'm not the only one who has run across that kind of shit on Steemit. Untold thousands have already left Steemit for that very same reason.

Steemit has a lot of problems, for sure! But none of them are so great as the problem with its own Witnesses. Justin Sun understood that fact, which is why he has directed Tron management to take the drastic steps that it is now taking to purge Steemit of its corrupt Witnesses. One of the easiest ways to do that is to require ALL witness votes to be from current active members. That move will essentially remove all current witnesses from not only the top 20 or 30 spots, but perhaps even from the top 100, since the vast majority of their votes are from members who have left Steemit a long time ago. I am confident that Just Sun will succeed.

Any member who does not see the need for this to happen unfortunately is part of the problem, rather than part of the solution.

Yeah, I have run across @themarkymark before but I understood his point and I just left to go to Whaleshares. I still come back here every day or two to see how the powerdown is going and say hi but it just wasn't the platform for me.

It doesn't make these folks bad people for wanting the best for their platform and I don't know the details of your situation but he treated me quite fairly and he bleeds Steem so that's what this place needs.

If you get tired of wasting your energy and sanity on silly shit like flag wars, pop by whaleshares and check it out. I'll even make you an instant account if you don't want to wait a day. I'm the same name over there.

"It doesn't make these folks bad people for wanting the best for their platform"

No it doesn't! But it does make these folks bad people when they use their SP and reputations to down-vote so many other members in order to destroy their reputations and thus receive nothing for their curator efforts, while at the same time, filling their own greedy pocked with tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. People like @themarkymark are nothing but barrel scum.

Be that as it may, why would you stay around and put yourself through all this? When I saw all of the corruption after spending six months here I knew it wasn't the place for me. Unless you are getting something out of it, why stick around? Maybe you like the drama? I know that a lot of people do, I'm just not one of them.

"Be that as it may, why would you stay around and put yourself through all this?"

I'm only passing the time here while I'm waiting for my 13 week (ridiculous I might add) power down to be completed (just 3 weeks left).

"When I saw all of the corruption after spending six months here I knew it wasn't the place for me. "

I beat you there! :) It took me less than 1 month to realize what was going on.

I do indeed like drama and arguments, but only when they occur on a level playing field. When however the odds are stacked against you, as is the case with Steemit with its "protected" Witnesses entering the game, down-voting everyone they do not like in order to line their own pockets, only a fool would stay on Steemit longer than they need to in order to get their money back. Sure, I never had much invested in the first place, but I see it more a matter of principle than anything else.

I guess I'd like to see one of 2 things happen...either for Tron to get rid of all existing Steemit witnesses, or else to shut down Steemit completely. At this point, either option would be fine with me, but one thing is for certain. Continue the way it is, and Steemit will not survive much longer. Only those who have a vested interest would argue otherwise. Perhaps in the past, those like the @themarkymark actually added something positive to the Steemit platform, but not any more. On the contrary, they have now turned Steemit into a cesspool while filling their own pocked with blood money stolen from those whose reputations they destroyed. It's now time for those corrupted witnesses to be removed, or else for Steemit to shut down for good.

Right on, well I wish you luck. I will just keep hanging with my whaleshares friends and watch all this shit from the sidelines. I do hope that real people don't lose out in this big dick contest.

Thank you!

"I do hope that real people don't lose out in this big dick contest."

So do I, but I think in reality they have already lost.

Have you ever taken a close look at the profiles of some of these Witnesses and high-reputation members such as @themarkymark and @buildawhale? The last time I looked, @themarkymark had approximately $135,000.00 US in his account, and was taking in $1000s. How much do you think the average Steemit member has in their account? My best is less than $50, if that. Unfortunately, while the initial concept may have been good, albeit a non-sustainable business model, Steemit is now nothing more than a bad joke! I only wish that there was some way to take the Steem away from those like @themarkymark and return it to its rightful owners. Hopefully Justin Sun (Tron) can fix this mess, otherwise Steemit's remaining time is no doubt quickly coming to an end.

Thanks again for the great dialog. Perhaps we can meet again on Whaleshares. :)

Good luck to you also!

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