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Mishelle Cipriani

Soprano Mishelle Cipriani hails from Chicago’s south suburbs. Her most recent roles include Mme Beurrefondu in Offenbach’s Mesdames de la Halle and La Fée in Viardot’s Cendrillon with New Moon Opera in Chicago. This summer, in addition to performing as Soprano 1 in the Little Women Quartet and studying Amy, she will perform the roles of Almirena from Rinaldo and First Lady from The Magic Flute. Other programs she has participated in include Russian Opera Workshop, Bay View Music Festival, and Angels Vocal Art. Her past roles include Olga in Rusalka (Dargomyzhsky), Le Bottier in Les Bavards (Offenbach), and First Spirit in The Magic Flute. In addition to solo work, she performs choral work with Apollo Chorus of Chicago occasionally singing solos with them in concert. She received her Bachelors in Music from Moody Bible Institute and will begin her Masters in Vocal Performance in the fall.


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I’ll need to make a discord! I’m really not sure what you’re asking about my other social media accounts. I’m new to steemit. You want me to post my Facebook profile here or post my steemit account to my Facebook?

Great, Look forward to seeing you in discord, and to seeing your future steemit posts!

For verification, just post a link to steemit on one of your other social media accounts (and tell us where to go to see it. ; -). We just want to verify that some random person didn't find your web page and set up a fake steemit account in your name. For example, if you share a link to your steemit profile on facebook, it'll verify that you are the same person who owns the facebook account.

I put my steemit web address in my bio on my professional Instagram account @sopranicipriani

Perfect. Thank you! Look forward to seeing you around.

First step would be to just say hi... 😁
We can worry about other things later. You will learn about everything gradually. There is a lot to absorb and we will be there to guide you along the way. 😌❤

Welcome to Steemit, nice to see another classical musician.

Welcome to Steemit! Hope you enjoy your time here :)
See you around in Discord(^v^)

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