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It's been a long time since my previous post!

Happy to submit a post again after long time!!

A week back, I had a drive to a nearby farmer's market along with my family to buy farm fresh organic fruits and vegetables but unfortunately the day we went, there were no farm fresh fruits or vegetables.

Out of disappointment, I was driving back to home but then noticed the strawberry symbol all way through the right corner of the country road.

Yes, we guessed that there would be a Strawberry picking nearby!


And we reached the farm which they have named it as "HUHN Strawberry farm"





I was so excited to see so many people who are already busy picking farm fresh organic strawberries!


The HUHN's strawberry farm owner welcomed us and guided us about her farm.

She said there are five different kinds of strawberries which we can taste and pick in the provided baskets.

She then alerted us that if we happened to see any small flag in any of the rows, it means people have already picked up the ripe strawberries. In such case, move on to another set of rows.

We explored all 5 different taste of strawberries.




Oh man! It was so Deliciouss..... Berricious.... I loved it berry much!

It was more or less like a Treasure hunt to find out ripe strawberries as people have already picked them.


But then Suddenly, we heard a loud whistle which brought all our attention to look at!
And it was an old granny who whistled and called her family to join her as there were so many ripe berries.

And most of us started moving towards her but in different rows and Yes, we do found lot many ripe strawberries.

Wow! Our baskets got filled up with those delicious strawberries!


We gave it to the shopkeeper girl to weigh it and to our great surprise it was just $5 cost.

I was like "What??? Seriously?!!!"

Then I just wanted to take a pic of that checkout counter but then the shopkeeper girl said " I can give a nice pose, if you want"

Here you go, a smiling pose from her!


My kid enjoyed being @ HUHN's Strawberry picking!

Also saw so many kids doing cute actions while strawberry picking!



Worth a trip!

After all, it's the biggest deal to see such Organic farms nowadays!

Please share your good old memories if you happened to visit any such farms/fruits' picking!

Visiting such organic farm is the best place to have fun time with family and friends!

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           - @digitaldollar

What a fabulous day ! It brings back many great memories of when I went berry picking with my mom , and later making some delicious Strawberry Shortcakes ! Mm mm ! My favorite , thanks for sharing with us ! 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓

I am happy that you had good old memories by reading my post.

awe thanks ! Its always good to remember the good times in life ! Memories become more precious as we get older ... 🍓🍓🍓🍓👍

Thank you ! I mean / meep ! 🍓👍

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Great post..!

Organic farming is the future of agriculture.

Yes thats true! Might be we all of us have to grow organic plants in pots or in backyard.

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You must have a great day picking up strawberry. I loved strawberry with ice cream

Yep! My favourite too! Strawberry with Ice cream..

That's awesome! I love picking fresh strawberries from the farm. I make strawberry smoothies, great for summer!

Thanks for the tip DD. You're not leaving us are you?

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