Original Glass Art: Hand Pulled Flower Cane

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For the last couple of weeks I’ve been making my own hand pulled flower cane and playing with various colour combinations, petal configurations and thicknesses, designs made from layers and designs constructed from smaller canes. I’ve been using tutorials by Astrid Riedel, Ikuyo Yamanaka and Elena Hernburg for guidance and techniques. As usual, the accidental discoveries and detours have produced the best results. This week’s challenge is to get a crisper, whiter petal and eliminate any little bubbles inside the cane.......




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Wow! That is beautiful! ♥
What a cool talent, to be able to make things like these...

Thank you! It’s a lot of fun!

Very nice work.

Super cool, looks like something you gotta be really careful with while making.... is it hard to get the flowers so crisp in there?

It’s a slow process! I’ve smeared and mashed a lot of flowers!

Wow, this is really nice. The flowers look so realistic.

Thank you, nice to hear positive feedback!

What a skill. If this is experimenting and learning...I can't even imagine what a "polished" piece will look like. I could see this selling on @steembay.

Thanks for the encouragement!

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Showing off some talent here!

Much appreciated, thanks!

You are welcome!

@borghese This is so pretty and original :) I resteemed your post to my 2k+ followers.