Original Glass Art: Heart of Glass

in #original3 years ago

This flameworked glass bead was an experiment using implosion techniques, handmade murrini and the reduction and encasing of silver glass. Silver glass has been challenging for me, but I love the beautiful blues, purples and greens I can get with Double Helix Arke!



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Great job btw I don't typically review the Art post but this one definitely stands out.

Astonishing work! I love the colours and designs... WOW!!!

Thanks a lot for sharing, namaste :)

Thank so much. Your Moss post is amazing. I will submit one too. Namaste.

This is great, thanks for letting me know about the inspiration it caused within your soul to move you to do the same! AWESOME!!!

Namaste :)

Stunning! A love story conduced by Color, glass and Light!

Awesome abstract piece.... Up-voted and Resteemed.

@offgridlife hey how's it going! Just wanted to show some love.

Thanks..... Just sent some Steem to @echowhale

Nice work! I love the silver and red pairing.

so cool! thanks for sharing!

Very nice work. Upvoted

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nice work.keep it on

Very nice. UpVoted.

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