Original Glass Art: Lost Marbles

in #original3 years ago

I think I’m losing my marbles over making marbles. Between the cracked beads, broken bead release, lopsided beads, accidental bubbles, rough bead holes, muddy ends, and smeared stripes, making marble beads is a tricky business but it is also fun. The pure satisfaction of watching the glass swirl around the bead with only heat and gravity is enough to keep me making more.



A video showing how you make these would be awesome.

Very nice marbles.

happy to meet you! @borgheseglass
thanks for dear @offgridlife

Don't lose your marbles ... they are very beautiful works of Art. UpVoted.

These are beautiful! What a cool skill to have! ♥

Thanks! I followed a couple of great tutorials by Drew Fritts and Melanie Moertel.

Neat! Ill have to look them up!

Beautiful marbles! Glad you will be making more. @offgridlife mentioned you in a post so I had to check out your glass work. My mom also works with glass but I pour silver. Have a good evening!

Thanks! I’ve done a little silver work and always wanted to learn to pour it into molds. Tried cuttlefish and sand but really wasn’t set up for it. Love your Mermaid pour!

These are beautiful!!!! Was sent here by @offgridlife. Glad to make your acquaintance @borgheseglass.

Included extra vote @echowhale team swimming by with your upvotes

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Back in the 1940s and 1950s, maybe earlier, playing marbles was very popular. It takes a lot of skill. Playing for keeps was keeping the opponents' marbles for winning. Some older marbles are collectible and valuable.

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