Original Glass Art: Spring Crocus

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This week I watched a Japanese Tonbodama DVD entitled “How to Volume 4: Flower in Glass” that demonstrates how to create flower implosions using complex cane, dots, encasing and mixed colours. This crocus was made around a ball of clear glass using complex pistil and petal canes. It was encased in stages so the biggest problem was accidentally trapping air bubbles and managing the size of the pendant. The glass used was Effetre, Reichenbach, CIM and Lauscha.



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So delicate, your glasswork is really great!

Thanks @artzanolino!

Great implosion work! I love the details on the inside of the flower.

Thanks @spc! I’m really having fun doing implosions. Working on a ball / gather and using complex canes opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. Working on a Camellia and hibiscus next week.

Awesome, I look forward to it! And yeah I have a ton of fun with implosions as well. I should learn to work with complex canes, that an avenue I haven't explored yet.

Incredible implosion... Love the colours!

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Beautiful. I can't wait for Spring.

Beautiful glass, wonderful flower and amazing description. I love it so much thanks

Beautiful work as always. I always look forward to seeing your pieces.

Thank you for your words of encouragement @elsbeth-upton!

I love nature themed glass art. Clean implosions and the pink color looks great.

Thanks @ filpaladino! Pinks are tricky but I love them too. I’ll be working on new flower implosions this week....

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